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My brother does not have a degree, but right now he works for Media Molecule.

Everytime I think about how he got there it puts a smile on my face.

If you have a dream go for it, you never know what could happen... but one thing is for sure, if you don't go for it nothing ever will happen. (now I have to go take my own advice) #5
Prefer Red Dead as a game.

I like the ME universe, but I didn't enjoy aspects of gameplay etc as much as I did Red Dead #4
lol... you guys are funny..

It's great that you enjoy the single player for games like Cod and BF.

It's wonderful that you still have an appreciation for single player in games that are so MP focused...

However on EA's spread sheet of charts and numbers, 3 or 4 N4G users who still play single player don't count for jackshit compared to the numbers who don't bother with single player, hence why they are not bothered about maki... #1.1.8
I dare say..... I agree..

I am a witcher fan and a batman fan, however both witcher 3 and AK left me a little underwhelmed.

that's just me being honest.

I only just (last weekend) finished my first playthought of Witcher 3 and I still have not finished AK yet.

I don't even know if I can be bothered to list off all the things that I felt were lacking. I know I am in the minority and of course everyone has there opinio... #2.1
This is the frustrating thing..

the economics of it all are really simple.

Sadly a lot of gamers really think they have not choice but to buy or it makes not difference.

When a game does not sell well on launch, just look at how quickly they are able to drop the price on it. And with games like Cod look at how long they hold their value.

I stopped playing Destiny about 3 or 4 months after release. Not bought ANY of the DLC,... #2.2
you summed it up well..

you have £50 to spend, buy an expansion or a full on RPG like fallout4?

I am sorry but right now I am not sold on this expansion being worth the price of admission, not when there are so many other great games coming out that would cost me the same #4.1
the loot system is something akin to gambling almost..

you keep playing and playing and playing till you hit the jackpot (in this case it's a exotic weapon)..

then bungie release new exotics, legendaries with just the slightest differences but you just have to have it.. so the cycle continues.

Destiny is a rubbish game, with almost perfect gameplay mechanics and a loot system that's been cooked up by head shrinks to push every button... #3.5
I honestly don't mind charging for DLC if it's worth it...the KEY WORD here is "worth"..

Personally I feel like 99% of the DlC we get at the moment is not worth the asking price and would agree it should be free.

Expansions like the sort R* did with GTA4 and Red Dead and DLC like The Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion are the sort that deserve a price tag.

When you look at GTA5 and the constant free updates with cars and... #1.3
UP until IW was IW (talking MW2) yes I would agree about the netcode, but starting from MW3 that had some of the worst netcode of any of the cod games.

from mw3 onwards it has been really really crap in general and I would not put one over the other in terms of how bad the code has got. #1.2.5


mmm really?? #1.2.1
I remember how people defended the xbox digital policies when they were announced and all that crap about "Digital is the future" and it will be awesome because we will get "steam prices"....

Even if we had been locked into digital only, I still think the prices would stay high. I mean there would not be any other option so they would have nothing to compete with so why would they.

I prefer it this way. At least we have the option #1.13

Well I can't say your wrong... that's your opinion and of course it's completely subjective.

personally na, I don't think so.

The only thing that stands out to me is the lighting and like when your gliding and you see the rain reflecting light off his cape...

I still find those corners of buildings and places where the textures really don't look great up close at all. Anyway, it's just... #3.1.3
is the graphics really that much better though...

I mean honestly for a "next gen" batman game, I keep popping AC back into my 360 and wondering what they did with all that next gen graphics power... either that or just AC was way way ahead of it's time in the graphics department.

not saying AK looks bad but apart from the lighting, I really don't see anything that amazing looking about it when compared to AC #3.1.1
Destiny is like the complete opposite of everything in that statement...

it just saddens me that people will jump on this hype. #2.1
nothing entitled about wanting to get to get value for the money we handover..

$40 for an expansion is ok, if the content is actually worth $40. Who decides if the content is actually worth it... well we do, we pay for it or in this case NOT pay for it!

Tell me this, why are the publishers entitled to charge us whatever crap they like and we are suppose to just bend over and let them take us and be all happy after? #1.3.4
Come on now...

If you don't want to be judged, better not to show anything until such a time that the game is ready to be judged.

everyone knows that is what is going to happen. what is the point of the demo in the first place if we are not suppose to look at it and either be impressed or not? #1.2.3
I think it's one of the best but it's taken me a while to get into it, unlike Arkham city.

I must be the only one, but I have not been that impressed with it visually as a next gen title. It looks ok, but the jump I was expecting though. #3
That's because the original dlc was over priced to start with.

The dlc that was £20 should have contained what this has now in the first place!

that is what a true expansion should have contained.

£40 for this expansion just hits home a lot more because as an example if you pre-ordered the Witcher 3 on psn a few months back it was also £40. #3.1.4
It really does put things into perspective when you think their are full priced games you can by for like £45 - £49 that offer a whole new game.

If you go for pre-owned then you can got most games for at least £40 or less... #13.1
Would it though...

Personally, I think R* games look just as good if not better then most games made made by "professional devs" using unreal.

I mean look at what R* managed to pump out with GTA5 on last gen consoles and compare to all the UE open world games that also came out for that gen.

For UE4 on current gen, we would have to see what the next "true" next gen GTA game looks like with the upgraded rage engine.
... #2.1
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