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The whole point of preordering in the first place was because of stock running out at the stores.

now lets be real, this only ever really happened with the very biggest IP's. I mean we are talking about the Launch of Halo 2, GTA san andreas, Cod4... games of that status.

I think the only game in recent times that had an issue of running out of stock at launch was GTA5.

Somehow publishers have taken advantage of this and turned it into a s... #10
Well the article is in reference to "GAME" preorders, not Tesco or Asda.

I don't think amazon would count at all because it's an online retailer.

just saying.. #2.2.1
@ Concertoine

Thank you and well said!

@ Cobra951

could have said a lot but Concertoine summed it all up well.

More is better maybe in your book but I don't see how rehashed games that were only out a year or two back is really more.

Yes I like graphics as much as the next junkie but I feel I would be setting my standards way too low if all a dev had to do was brush up a game in 1080p and 60fps that was already... #1.1.8
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@ abzdiine

seems you don't really get what he is saying.

all those games you just mentioned, take the graphical edge off them and what is left that really could not be done on last gen?

I mean Bloodborne, yes it's an amazing game but it's still a re-skinned dark souls with a little tweek to the combat. I mean right down the menu and some of the character animations, there is nothing next gen about it in that sense.
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@ JeffGUNZ

Thing is Jeff, for many of us who have something negative to pick at with the game like myself, what I said is not based on blind hate or anything like that... it's more a response born of frustration.

The frustration being that the game could have been so much more.

There are people who say it was hyped to a level it simply could not achieve. I personally don't believe that as you point out, it's a sold game. from... #9.2.4

At the time, there was a certain amount of raised eyebrows at the bungie/acti partnership but I think a lot of people believed that as bungie was not owned by acti there was still room to believe we would get a product up to the level of bungies expected quality.

When they announced the dlc, as with many other companies. they didn't bother stating WHAT exactly the dlc would contain... but again there was an expectation that being bungie it wouldn... #9.2.2
I will believe it when I see it.

Don't get me wrong, i would love it to look like that.

I think I have been left a bit underwhelmed with a lot of games so far. #1.1.7
I would just like to point out...

I bought the 360 version
the PS4 version
and the xbox one version

If I had a pc powerful enough I would buy it again for PC.

The only thing that is bugging me about the console versions (mostly the xboxone version which is what I play the most) is the horrible whitewashed filter. I didn't realise what it was at first but the 1.25 update removed it and the difference became clear, and then... #1.4.3
Thank you,

someone points out the real issue...

The problem was not all the stuff MS had planned for a digital future. The problem, the Big problem was how it would affect hard copies of the games.

it was trying to lockdown hard copies in the same way that digital copies would be that caused the hate on MS plans.

the whole idea about being able to trade digital games in came about because MS wanted to in effect turn our hard... #6.2
How is it being spoiled by being allowed to trade in games..

I can trade in old music, videos, dvd's, blurays... I can trade in clothes, car's, bikes, fridges... you name it.

Why are games a privilege to be allowed to trade in? I would rather trade a game any day then share a digital library.

Still pushing the old MS saw the future, please let it go, just let it go.. #4.1
@ 2pacalypsenow

I would disagree on the xbox doing good under his command.

The 360 was already off to a great start before he took over.

Once he was in command if anything that's when it seemed to start getting stale. I would stay the 360 got off to a flying start. He took over and the engines seem to cut out and it was just left to glide.. had it not been flying at such a high altitude from the begging it would have been a lot worse an... #1.3.8
@ ArchangeIMike

Or like watching someone do an "amazing rap" version of a film.

Like the Amazing Preditor rap. They managed to sum up the whole film in 6 min



sadly the original was taken down I think, they actually had it matching the footage to the film.

Anyway, I guess I bro... #1.1.3
I am sorry, i am not sure i can take your reply seriously after saying nintendo dont spend millions on ads.

Are you for real? #1.3.7
They did try to sell those advantages, people just didn't buy into it because just like you have done, they didn't shoot off the list of disadvantages...

or they tried to throw people off with stuff like "if you don't like it, stick with a 360" to paraphrase one quote.

anyway, ya it's off topic now so I will just leave it. some people saw all that crap as something revolutionary, some of us saw it as a complete disaster waiting to h... #21.1.3
Far ahead of what exactly? Far ahead of all the other bad ideas they have had the last few years? Yep definitely. #21.1.1

Well you are looking at it one way and it's your right to do so... The way most people would look at it is like this or at least the way I would look at it;

I can pay an ad agency millions of dollars to talk about MY PRODUCT and get people interested so they buy MY PRODUCT


I can let someone else talk about MY PRODUCT, other people pay him for talking about MY PRODUCT and I make money off selling MY PRODUCT to the... #1.3.2
lolol, the thought never even crossed my mind to make a character look like that. #5
then you haven't played many games have you.... the first game that comes to mind with a weapon you could transform and chain combos and switch between the weapons two states is soul caliber.

Ivy's sword/whip weapon. That's going back to the original xbox

we have had games like Vanquish was another with morphing weapons. What about GOW, a lot of the weapons in that had alternate states.

Dead space had weapons that had alternative... #4.6.2
mate, you took the words right out of my mouth... right down to the example you just gave.

It's great that we have the power of the ps4 to make these environments so much bigger and detailed compared to last gen... but if you are telling me that they needed the power of the ps4 which is like 8 times more powerful then the ps3 just to have a weapon blade that can extent, that seriously makes me question their skills as dev's.

I mean I know the game is... #4.2
That's the trade off with R*

a lot of the time they do promise stuff which ends up being delayed, and when R* delay something they don't do it by halves either...

But it always pays off in the end because when they deliver it's good value for mony and as far as GTAV goes, well look at all the free updates we have had that include New Weapons, New Cars, New clothes etc
and then look at other games and what they are charging just for free co... #2.1
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