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ya, I think it didn't help that the lead guy on the first one, left EA to join Activision. I am not 100% sure but I think it was after the first one he left and it showed.

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where do i start...
Dead Space 1 is or was my favourite IP to release on the last gen systems. The story is better and its way creepier then Dead Space 2. Of all 3 games, Dead Space 1 was the one that felt like a true horror game.

it's a real shame they ruined the franchise but I can't recommend the first one enough

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this is a case of The Trolls not liking being trolled themselves. Bungie is a joke, how about do the right thing, fix the game so people don't have a reason to troll so much.

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@ AnubisG

I saw the beginning of this as far back as MW2. from that point on the price in games and dlc made a jump and we never came back from that. I actually wrote a blog post about this on here all those years ago. It's actually the only time I have written a blog post, I was that frustrated by what I could see it turning into....

today I don't think people even realise or care that games never use to be like this....

I don...

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ya totally agree... it does not help as well that this is basically suposed to be 3 games in the series. When the second game is basically a reboot that does not leave a lot of room left for 3rd game. We should be much further along in terms of story and our knowledge of this amazing universe but so far destiny two has really done nothing to further that and judging by the expansion we have had so far, we are not going to get a lot there either.

so now everything is goin...

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well now it all makes sense. I been saying to my friends the game just felt unfinished. The story felt like something cobbled together from a list of generic plot points. it was just as bad if not worse then destiny one which made it even more annoying because it's like ... we already went through this crap wish Destiny 1. you would have thought they had learned a thing or two from that mess, but no they rebooted and made the same mess all over again.

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For me, the real issue with what he points out isn't the loot box and gambling... the real keyword here is "OVERDELIVERING".

The simple fact is 99.9% of the games that get pushed out as cash cows do not overdeliver.

honestly if they did I wouldn't care if the pub's want to throw in some loot boxes, throw in as many as you like.... I don't care as long as the game is awesome and delivers... but they don't!

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The catch with D1 which helped keep people hooked was the random rolls on gear. This created the "God roll" class that people were forever chasing.

personally I hated the random rolls on weapons because if RNG was not on your side, it was about the most frustrating grind in a game I can think of.

D2 fixed this in a way because now all weapons have the same rolls. Once you have a gun, thats it, you don't need to keep chasing after it.

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lesson learned, never buying destiny silver for content again.

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As someone who bought the first version of this controller, it does not look like they have changed anything that caused me to have issues with it.

I have always personally been a big fan of the xbox controller and the stick layout, so on paper this looks like a great idea of you want the familier feel of the xbox controller on the ps4.

Don't be fooled, it may look like it but when it's sitting in your hand it feels nothing like the xbox controlle...

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I definately don't think making shorter games in an answer. most games are way to short for my liking. the games that are 60hrs tend to be RPG's or Open world games where they make you run around collecting pointless crap.

Most other games in other genres will just about scratch between 8 to 10 hrs if that.

In my humble opinion I would say the decline is due to most games feeling like they are just all rehash of games we have already played, then...

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after all the screw ups and technical issues with the previous games and the standards set by other games this gen... sorry, they don't get a free pass.

yes it is nit picky small issues, but at this point in this gen, they should not be issues at all.

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Dead Space 1, till this day was still my favourite "new" IP of the last Gen, even over games like Uncharted, Gears of War.

It was my idea of a perfect game or close to perfect as I could imagine.

Dead Space 2, it was a great game compared to other games, but it was not as good as part 1.

part 3....... lets just leave that alone. It is nothing more then a great example of how a publisher can take a great franchise and run it in...

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as many have pointed out, the souls games was built on it and it worked for them....

I will add that Ninja Gaiden did the same before dark souls, who made that game again... oh ya, I think these guys know what they are doing.

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iam just wondering.... what open world game has come out on UE4 that does half the stuff that gta does in the rage engine?

R* use their own engine for good reason I believe.

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MS need to just look at their back cat of xbox and xbox 360s and ask themselves where they have gone wrong.

I mean the original xbox had games like bruite force, KOTOR, Halo CE... there are plenty of single player only games that are amazing and have done well sales wise.

MS just seem terrified of taking any risks. they like to show creative new stuff in concept and get us all hyped up but when it comes to delivery.... It also does not help that at the ...

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generally feel the same way about the Idea of destiny 2.

If the rng in that game is like it is in this and there are no other options outside of that which give me a chance at getting a weapon I want one way or another then Ill give destiny 2 a miss.

Personally just don't find the time I have to spend and the chances I have with Rng giving me the weapon I want with the perk I want to reward me enough to want to play it anymore.

I ...

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I remember when PGR game out with DLC and it was like £8 or £6 or something like that and it had like 3 or 4 extra tracks and new cars, new modes etc.

that is when the word Micro actually meant something.

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Yes, millions like the symetrical layout sticks and sony already has something for them...

you know what though, there are millions who like the xbox layout sticks, plus quite a few million who use to be xbox fans and have moved over to the ps brand but maybe they still like the xbox controller more. what is wrong with giving them an option too.

the market is already flooded with controllers that mimic the standard ps setup, what's wrong with one look...

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