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Destiny is like the complete opposite of everything in that statement...

it just saddens me that people will jump on this hype. #2.1
nothing entitled about wanting to get to get value for the money we handover..

$40 for an expansion is ok, if the content is actually worth $40. Who decides if the content is actually worth it... well we do, we pay for it or in this case NOT pay for it!

Tell me this, why are the publishers entitled to charge us whatever crap they like and we are suppose to just bend over and let them take us and be all happy after? #1.3.4
Come on now...

If you don't want to be judged, better not to show anything until such a time that the game is ready to be judged.

everyone knows that is what is going to happen. what is the point of the demo in the first place if we are not suppose to look at it and either be impressed or not? #1.2.3
I think it's one of the best but it's taken me a while to get into it, unlike Arkham city.

I must be the only one, but I have not been that impressed with it visually as a next gen title. It looks ok, but the jump I was expecting though. #3
That's because the original dlc was over priced to start with.

The dlc that was £20 should have contained what this has now in the first place!

that is what a true expansion should have contained.

£40 for this expansion just hits home a lot more because as an example if you pre-ordered the Witcher 3 on psn a few months back it was also £40. #3.1.4
It really does put things into perspective when you think their are full priced games you can by for like £45 - £49 that offer a whole new game.

If you go for pre-owned then you can got most games for at least £40 or less... #13.1
Would it though...

Personally, I think R* games look just as good if not better then most games made made by "professional devs" using unreal.

I mean look at what R* managed to pump out with GTA5 on last gen consoles and compare to all the UE open world games that also came out for that gen.

For UE4 on current gen, we would have to see what the next "true" next gen GTA game looks like with the upgraded rage engine.
... #2.1
It is crazy, but at the end of the day we only have ourselves to blame...

I didn't buy the season pass or previous expansions because I felt they were a ripoff as they were.

so many people try to justify it and not just call it out for what it was.

and I keep saying when we support this crap, the publishers/dev's will just keep pushing to see how much more they can squeez out from us while delivering as little as possible.
<... #2.1
following or not following it according to who?

read the article again, maybe my point will become clear then.. #1.3.5
Sorry I meant "you're" lol I hate making that mistake. #1.3.3
@Mr Pumblechook

Your disagreeing with what I quoted MS saying a while back?

I didn't say there was anything wrong with showing stuff in the long term, I simply pointed out that is what MS said their strategy was a while back.

Showing a game even 24 months off is not that far off, when you consider Sony has announced games then haven't showed up for like 5 years plus.

Again I am not saying write or wrong to either, jus... #1.3.2
I really don't like articles like this...

he's talking like he only just got to know MS within the last year or so.

MS made it very clear a while ago (I think it was about mid 360 lifecycle) that they only show of games at events like E3 that are coming in the immediate future, like more or less within a year to maybe year and a half launch window.

They have followed this template for announcements ever since.

it'... #1.3
Dead space #6
Well when I said halo I was actually thinking more of just the Halo CE remaster on the 360 but even then same could apply to the MC collection in general because of Halo 2.

It may have bugs and issues, but that is in fact due to the fact that it is a proper remaster in the sense that they took an old game and basically rebuilt it visually, audio etc.

A game having it's graphics engine overhauled from it's original which is 2 generations old to match t... #1.3.4
lol, lets be real...

when we say "remaster" halo is a good example of a proper remaster and if the other games did that I wouldn't have that much to say...but they don't

if by "better Version" you just mean brushed up to 1080p which tends to be the case with most of them, and maybe throw in 60fps for some as well... then no i don't consider that a better version... it's the same game and depending on your tv you may or mayn... #1.3.2
Witcher 3 was awesome but I have to be honest, there was something about Witcher 2 that I enjoyed a lot more. #4

*looks at all the remastered ps3 games

hmmmm... #1.3
what i find funny is how people seem to have forgotten how this whole season crap started...

going back last gen when dev's kept complaining about the pre-owned market and how they were loosing out because people were not buying the games new... season passes started off as something free that people who bought the game day one would get, this was to get more people buy new with the promise of getting some future dlc free.

Then it turned into turned into... #1.3
it's the most ridiculous point I have heard all day...

"aligns the xbox one with the past when it should be focused on the future"....

Both consoles have been dragged into holding onto the past with the constant remasters that have been pushed out.... And people keep defending this trend saying it's a good thing and it means people who have not played those games can enjoy them, while people who don't want them don't have to buy them... #1.9
Looking at that screen shot and not taking into account how the game looks in motion (which I consider to be a big thing)...

I would say Rage (that ID open world game that everyone forgot a week after it came out) looks as good.

it's not the better game, don't get me wrong... just looking purely at that screen shot and shots of what rage looked like. they were not that far off.

Personally I think Fallout looks "next gen" enoug... #5.1.3
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