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it's not that there isn't enough to do...

there just isn't enough verity in what you are doing or the mission types.

doing the same strikes over and over be at level 10 or 28(which I am now) does get boring..

when they release a "new" event and basically all you are doing is the same strike mission again with the epic modifier on, it's still the same mission. #7.2

Rocket launcher
Hand canon
Auto Rifle

Rocket launcher
Pulse Rifle...

etc....etc... #1.2.3
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you mean reviews from the same sort of people that give COD a 9/10 year after year?

Secondly a lot of us had got a chance to try the beta and it's not like it was bad.. we just thought there would be a lot more to follow.

I think if there had been a lot of other games on the market people would have found it easier to hold off till they get feedback from friends/reviews etc.. as there was nothing else to play anyway... #1.1.3
The grinding part we all got the idea of, the grinding was not the problem.

They (Bungie) told us to expect this amazing story, which we all thought was possible because after all it's Bungie and they have pulled off an amazing FPS story in the form of the Halo series.

I think if any other dev had been saying this, except Naughty Dog, people would not have got their hopes so high. It's Bungie though, they have managed to easily do 15hr campaign storie... #5.1
@ mananimal

Have to agree with you on all those points. I was saying it to someone the other day. While most games get overhype from gamers or Journalists - Destiny is one game that definitely got over hyped from Bungie themselves.

Words like "biggest world ever created" and "epic story" etc..

I was really expecting something that would have an almost rpg level of story content. #1.2.2

Sine I got my ps4 Warframe has probably been my most played game along with BF4. Warframe turned into a bit of a love hate relationship. I didn't think graphically it was all that and I didn't like the fact it had no story etc. The devs kept promising changes etc but it just felt like they were taking forever to actually do anything.

The one thing that was in the back of my mind was, they better sort it out before Destiny launches because... #1.1.1
People seem to forget Destiny is a cross gen game.

To be honest I don't care what bullcrap dev's come out with, I don't think cross gen games are ever going to be the best example of what next gen graphics should be. there are always short falls. #3.3.2
Can't wait... ahhh the memories are all flooding back in.
it's overwhelming, I feel like I am 24 again...happy times! #24
You can use the 360 controllers on it. there is a usb wireless adaptor you can use (forgotten what it's called). #2.2.1
@ darthv72

Well the great thing about the MC helmet was there is enough space to fit another game anyway, you can just add it.

I still have my halo 3 helmet along with my original halo 2 steel book. I am going to stick them all together. #1.1.6
well I can't say you are wrong, but I disagree...

maybe it is a little nostalgia, but having played the anniversary edition not to long ago, I enjoyed it just as much now as I did then and I don't think it has half as many cringe worthy cheese lines as destiny. Keep in mind I am very specific when I say Halo CE.... Halo 2, 3 and the rest are another story.

I didn't like the direction of the story or the characters as much in those games and that... #7.1.3
Well done boys!

I tried the vault last night, I was a 26 and the rest of the team were all 25's and 24's feeling all gun-hoo happy.

I told them it would be a waste of time, they was like "na, will do it, we can manage"... needless to say we couldn't even open the vault!

what a joke of a team we were #1
Halo is still amazing (talking about the original Halo CE) compared to most games now.

it still has a better story and it's told better through the other NPC's and MC/cortana combo.

it's like they tried to recreate that all over again with Destiny but they missed the mark by a million miles.

Story telling, especially for shooters has not got any better. Infact maybe it's got worse as more games focus on Mp or trying to combi... #7.1.1

All we know is "The Darkness"....

At first I thought all the different species were part of one big presence that was "The Darkness" but then why are they fighting each other?

What's the deal with that...?

The more I think about it the less I understand what the hell is going and why am I actually doing what I am doing.

It will be interesting to see how much story they pack in... #2.1
But that is the big problem...

Bungie themselves are the ones who keep trying to drum into our heads that it's NOT an MMO.

They are also the ones that keep Banging on about how big and epic the universe and story is going to be.

lets be honest... 99% of the time when a game gets overhyped it's usually gamers and journalists saying stuff about it that the dev's really never said. In this case though, I think Bungie really over pro... #1.1.3
He is talking about exotic bounties.

I have one for a shotgun.

You get them from turning in bounties. there is a higher chance if you do crucible bounties.

Just keep on grinding... #1.3
I think thats a little different..

I mean with Cod everyone goes through the exact same pain of getting the xp to hit the prestige.

with a random loot grind, you could spend hours, days grinding.. while some noob randomly gets a drop on their first try.

What I hate about it is the way destiny trolls you even when you think you got something good.

I have had a few legendary engrams... everyone was like you lucky F"^"^..... #10.1
I think... and this is just me guessing,they wanted to keep it to fireteams so it's not too easy with say 5 or 6 people all going in to a boss fight.

For those sort of battles thats why they have public events.

Personally though, I think they should have made it so you can go into those missions with randoms and then based on the number of people there and their levels the difficulty is increased.

Public events are to few and far between #5.1.5
I don't know... I got sick to death of warframe. I don't know if i would say it was better.

I guess I have gradually come to the realization that games that have some sort of RNG drop/grind loot system are just not for me.

The thing about destiny... SO FAR, I have not quite got tiered of the missions because I find the different enemy types a bit more interesting to fight. and there is a bit more of variety in the way I can get loot.
depends... there is an exotic rocket launcher that holds two rocket rounds at a go.

I know because I have it. my guess is there may be legendary or rare ones that do the same.

I know there is a rare that I think fires two rockets at once as a roll of the dice chance with each shot fired.

there is still a lot to discover with Destiny.

I do believe there are some people hacking or glitching. I did come across a guy in one gam... #12.1
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