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then you haven't played many games have you.... the first game that comes to mind with a weapon you could transform and chain combos and switch between the weapons two states is soul caliber.

Ivy's sword/whip weapon. That's going back to the original xbox

we have had games like Vanquish was another with morphing weapons. What about GOW, a lot of the weapons in that had alternate states.

Dead space had weapons that had alternative... #4.6.2
mate, you took the words right out of my mouth... right down to the example you just gave.

It's great that we have the power of the ps4 to make these environments so much bigger and detailed compared to last gen... but if you are telling me that they needed the power of the ps4 which is like 8 times more powerful then the ps3 just to have a weapon blade that can extent, that seriously makes me question their skills as dev's.

I mean I know the game is... #4.2
That's the trade off with R*

a lot of the time they do promise stuff which ends up being delayed, and when R* delay something they don't do it by halves either...

But it always pays off in the end because when they deliver it's good value for mony and as far as GTAV goes, well look at all the free updates we have had that include New Weapons, New Cars, New clothes etc
and then look at other games and what they are charging just for free co... #2.1
ultimately if it's the game you want it's the game you should buy.

I honestly couldn't care if The Order got 10/10 from every website, I still wouldn't buy it.

if Bloodborn got 0/0 score I'd still buy it cos I know it's more my type of game. #1.3.2
That really depends on the game and the individual..

it may be worth it to you, but some people may like it but still feel it's not quite worth.

I can't think of any game right now I would spend £100 and not think to myself wtf am I doing.

I have learned my lesson and I prefer to save money that would only buy a few extra maps and put it towards a whole new game, but that's just me. #1.1.1
or maybe gamers are too easy to please...

don't get me wrong, I don't think the order deserves some scores it got as low as 6, but at the same time I dont think it's as good as everyone else is making out either.

It does seem like there has been a bit of a drop in quality from a lot of games that most gamers seem to be ok with.

we seem to be a lot more accepting of bullshit then we use to, I mean ya we complain but then go out... #1.2
lol, I honestly cannot count the number of times sales numbers have been dismissed as meaningless when it comes to quality of a game or how good a game is.

I remember when fanboys would throw excuses like "Justin Bieber sell's millions doesn't mean he is good" and stuff like that.

or if it was something like halo or worse still COD, you would hear, just because millions play it don't mean it's quality...

This was alw... #1.2.9
your saying connection to the server affects the visuals??

I would have thought that would only be the case if the game is being streamed?

I am not trying to sound like a smart arse, I am just pointing out...

I have had the game on both ps4 and xb1 since launch. also had it on the 360, doing a little more digging and there are other people saying they have noticed the same.

I play on a 50" tv so when there is a drop in te... #3.1.1
What about the dj, fernando? He was on the radio in a few different games #6.1.1
Is it just me or since the double xp event started the game has taken a drop in its graphics?

I thought i was going crazy but then a friend of mine also noticed the other night and pointed it out, this was without me actually saying what i had been thinking to myself.

Anyone else notce or are me and my friend crazy #3
they didn't try anything different... that's part of the problem.

The games setting was interesting Yes, but that was about it.

Gameplay wise it's not doing anything new, that is one of the complaints it's been getting. #3.1.1
It's only as consistent as the individual's playing it....

in other words your not going to get 100% consistency by nature of the fact that people like different things to different degrees.

example, I hate QTE in games, HATE IT with a passion! For me a game having one or two QTE scenes in it is already one or two more then too much! On the other hand some people don't mind one or two, and at the other far end of the specturm some people actually... #2.4.3
Have to admit, it is quite funny to the utter car crash of emotional denial some of the fanboys are going through #14.1
It's funny because before all the reviews landed, I am talking last week, I said in a comment I would give it a pass and go for Bloodborne.

People thought I was crazy...

seems my gut feeling was right after all. #1.3
I will be more excited when I actually see all the talk realized in actual games...

I mean ya it's good to know, but boy I really want to see next Gen pushed to new heights. I know it's just me, everyone else seems happy enough but I am not impressed with all the remakes and half arsed stuff so far.

All that RAM and we still have arguments about resolution and FPS etc.

I think my expectations where too high for this new Gen #5
Do you work for MS or something? #1.1.1
Sorry... what??

best you have seen on any colsole, how many consoles have you tried?

50% of Duck Dynasty... really?

15% off GTA Shark cards, who is actually stupid enough to even be buying those things in the first place.

The 360 still get's some good free games, I don't think the xb1 has had anything that amazing over the ps4. #1.1
it's ok, it does not happen over night but bit by bit Ubi is destroying their reputation.

While we do love complaining, we really are no good at actually applying any sort of self control.

Personally I have not pre-ordered an AC game since AC2. I didn't buy Unity at all. I did get blackglag after waiting it out to see what reviews from other players would be like.

I don't preorder on the bases of getting special dlc or bonus conte... #3.1
when I think of 4k I think of PC...

Right now we are still haveing my console's 1080P is bigger then your console's 900P D"£%^k swinging contests...

At let's not mention that if we hit the magic 1080p it usually means FPS has to default to 30 unless it's a jumped up indie game!

what a blow-out :/ #1.1.11
The witcher 3 is my next gen game for this year...

Everything else is have reservations about.

I know there will be other good games, but if I am totally honest I have been left massively underwhelmed by this new Gen and I have lowered my expectations quite a lot by what these games can achieve. #5.2.1
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