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How much do reputation managers in the games industry get paid right now?

I have thought about it and can see it as a career move. Dosen't seem like it would be to hard a job.

When I read the first few words... something about "best campain story in a long time" I actually thought it was just sarcasm, but then reading the rest of it, sounds like you actually meant that bit.

Now I am all for everyone having their opinions and we... #6.2

I didn't say buying digital was our downfall, I said our LAZINESS is... and I stand by that.

Ultimately for all of the bad business practices going on in the industry at the moment that we gamers are constantly crying, wining, complaining, petitioning....about, it is our own laziness allowing this crap to continue.

I remember when this issue of digital first came up and a lot of the people that were in support of it said it woul... #1.1.4
Indeed... our Laziness is our downfall. lol

I have only bought two games Digital. The Halo MC collection on the xbox one, just because I felt deserves to be on that console for all time and the witcher 3.

I have that much faith in the witcher 3 Plus it was PSN for £40.

I think if more games were at a reasonable price digitally I may consider one or two more.

having said that, with the reason hacking and outages on both syst... #1.1.2
I don't trust Journalists whats so ever...

having said that, my trust in Dev's has diminished quite a lot with some of the big games that have really disappointed.

I am not saying that he is right but I am not on this bandwagon of just because it looks good in videos etc means it's going to be the most amazing game, even if it does look like. Not falling for the hype train anymore.

Until I played Destiny I never would have believ... #13
"I'm very puzzled about what people were expecting and why. I actually saw a comment the other day from a person who said the game was supposed to be more like No Man's Sky… which blew my mind. The game I'm playing is exactly what I expected after watching and reading over a year's worth of previews."

Well ok, ya someone thinking that Destiny would be more like No Man's sky, even I have to put my hand up and ask what the F"^^k gave them tha... #2.1.7
"But haven't we all learned that we are the problem? We overhype everything and every single game is a letdown.. "

in most cases I would agree with you that it is us gamers who overhype, but in the case of destiny...na,the dev's/pub most definately played a very very big part in hyping the game way past what it ended up being.

"Somebody saw content in a Dev video that isn't in the game? Ya.. Its called dlc.."

but... #2.1.5
Well I respectfully disagree with what you disagree with.

Most others could be improved in some way and off the back of that you would enjoy them a little more.

I can't speak for everyone but I have played games that didn't leave me thinking, Oh I would have improved this and that and it would have been so much more fun.

In the case of destiny I find it lacking in so many areas that yes I it left me feeling that there was so much more... #2.1.2
it's a great fps for it's visuals and gameplay mechanics....

it's just rubbish at everything else.

people keep saying stuff like well I enjoy it so whatever.

It's not just a matter of do I enjoy it, it's could I have enjoyed it a lot more?

Ya, I enjoyed it while I was playing it, but I could have enjoyed it even more and still been enjoying it if they had delivered on their original concept.
... #2.1
Well done EA if this is indeed a change of heart.

Credit where it's due, I have not been a big fan of EA, but I picked Dragon age over AC and Farcry and I think it was a good call.

it's really not a hard thing to figure out, at least from my point of view. You want to make money, we want to play great games. You make great games and we will give you our money.

Just don't give is a big of Sh%£$"t and expect us to hand o... #2
To be fair there are a lot of people who are NOT ok with paying 15 Bucks for 4 or 5 maps.

I think generally speaking the same people who will excuse the devs that release 4 maps for 15 will also be the same supporting Destiny with it's DLC.

For me, the kind of expansions I support are the sort that R* and Bethesda bring out that really expand on story and so on... and not by adding 3 missions I will add! #4.3.1
....sometime in the not to distant "future". #1.1
I have to say I disagree there...

In fact I feel the opposite. I found the worlds in uncharted really static.

The only things that seemed to interact only seemed to when in a scripted section.

I didn't play uncharted 3, so maybe this was changed but in one or two the environments were very static, Beautiful, but static.

talk about being able to play a cut scene is a perfect example. it's still a cut scene it's ju... #1.5.1
Gears.... what Gears, which Gears?

Are you thinking of Gears of war?

You honestly think gears 1, 2, 3 or Judgement look better then a next Gen title?

I mean I can't think of any other Gears you could be talking about, unless you are talking about the NEXT GEN GEARS THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1.3.9
Personally I think it's times like this we really need to make up our minds and decide what kind of gamers we are and what kind of games we want...

This year has been full of games that quite frankly were lackluster, broken piles of "^"^ that were rushed out by dev's/publishers who single and only care was their xmas deadline. Many have been vocal and given them a lot of shit for such practice.

Now on the other side we have a studio who are... #1.4
I think that right there is the problem with a lot of games these dys... 1 - 2 years.

I don't know about anyone else, but when we were first told about how the new hardware would mean dev's can make their games faster, I took that to mean that creating a game that was x big on the old systems would take maybe 3 to 5 years.

Creating a game that was x big on the new systems would take maybe 2 to 3 years given that x is still = x (lets call x the amoun... #7.1
anyone who has been on live for as long as i have will know that there are two times in the year that live really seems to have issues.

Nov, when Cod is released and xmas when all the kiddies get their xmas presents unwrapped.

personally, I think they are full of it, but that does not mean ms will take this lightly.

what i really want to know is what point are they trying to prove by this or is it just for the fun of it? #1.1.4
I must me missing something here or people have only been playing games since the last gen?

I mean when they say "ugly NEW trend".... Sony and ms have had 3rd party exclusives since their original consoles and before that Sony and Nintendo... and before that Nintendo and Sega.

It's only within the last generation that it's suddenly become this big issue thanks to the "entitlement" mentality that has developed over the years.
I feel the same way I feel about sexism in just about every other form of entertainment available..

To quote the legend James Brown "It's a mans world, but it wouldn't be the same without *Boobs" #4

it use to be that when a company talked about micro transactions on a £40 game, they were talking about £5 or less.

Then MS stepped in with the points system. they bypassed the ££ barrier by converting stuff into points and most stuff ending up costing 800 to 1200 points which meant gamers spending £10 to £15 or more sometimes.

Once we got use to that they sold us on the idea of a Season pass that would... #4.1

They should focus on;

A. Not pumping a title out every single year
B. Long polished entries in the series.

simple #2
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