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I have not forgotten at all.... I mean the Witcher 3 is my most anticipated game this year.

The only question I have for CD is what comes after Witcher 3? Ah yes, that awesome sounding game that is a sci-fi RPG... it's not like there are a lot of them bouncing around, specially cyberpunk themed rpgs. #5
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Thank you, someone who recognizes the awesomeness of Red Faction.

unlike most games last gen that only used a graphical brush, while all other factors remained relatively the same, like you said Red Faction was one of the vew games that really felt like it was using the power under the hood for more then just graphics.

I remember when RF Guerrilla came out, Infamous and Prototype also released with-in a few weeks of each other. Of all three games I thought R... #4.4
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Irrelevant is a bit harsh...

It's just out of sight, out of mind.

It's frustrating though seeing the constant announcements of remasters when there are games like this doing god knows what that everyone would like to get their hands on. #1.3.2
That's the strange thing you know..

The first Saints Row was the most blatant rip-off of GTA at the time, Yet I enjoyed it way more as a rip-off then what it has become now.

I still love GTA way more though, but as SR goes, I agree the first was the best. #2.2
It's really sad then that most of them are not as vocal as you. Maybe if they were those uneducated fools that are being brainwashed would be less influenced by "foreign intelligence". #5.2.1
Nice article and some great points. exactly why I love GTA over games like infamous even though everyone points out "but Infamous looks way better" #1
they already are, have you not heard about The Order! #10.2
Well said.

the two best examples.. or 3 I can think of, that really pulled that off for me were;

Dead Space 1 and 2

Half life 2

Halo (although some would say halo is kind of sandbox in it's level design)

Gears of war #9.2
@ StarLord_Who

you are complaining about the people bashing the game based on an opinion they have formed even through they have not played the game... Yet the people defending are also basing their opinion on footage they have seen even though they have not played it.

how do you know it's going to be soooo amazing or ground breaking?... just because it "looks" like the sort of game you like?

If people can form an opinion that... #1.1.15
na, we just don't like being ripped off.

Skylanders being 7.50 is just as bad, but who plays that, kids mostly.. and who pays for it? I am guessing the parents, most of them would not have a clue what sort of price or value they should be getting from DLC.

It still is not justification for Evolve's pricing on it's dlc. #11.1
i think the difference is that The Crew looked like crap and most gamers just didn't care for it by the time they got round to talking about the dlc so there was not a lot of talk about it because nobody was really talking about the game anyway.

In this case a lot of gamers were actually quite excited for this game and looking forward to it, hence it has generated the interest/hate regarding the dlc and pricing of it.

I don't think it's ok for an... #24.1
I have paid £39 for a game I sunk 400 hrs into, what's your point? #12.7
you see that is the problem right there....

compared to the amount of content we use to get for say $10 or $15, Destiny's "EXPANSION" as they call it, is a slap in the face. Infact it should not even be called an expansion.

This is the thing though every time you justify something like that, publishers use that as a marker to see how much further they can push the goal post.

ultimately it is us (gamers) and our spending habits,... #11.2
Infamous looks ok, but in honesty it's a very boring, very "static" feeling world compared to GTAV.

you don't have even half the stuff going on that you see happening in GTAV.

Infamous may "look" nicer, but that's about all it has and even then, some of the effects like the water and rain don't look as good as in GTA.

Look at the really fine details in Infamous and you can see where they have cut corners in... #1.4.5
why would I want to repeat an experience like going to the loo after having a really hot curry and then downing a protein shake straight after.

That's about the most pleasant experience I can compare playing this game to. #3.1.2

for me it really depends on

A. The type of game
b. The type of bugs that crop up
c. The Developer and history

I am a lot more forgiving of bugs in games like skyrim and GTA5 given the scope of the games compared to games that are less ambitious etc. #3.1
"The Order is unique, groundbreaking" I think that is stretching it a bit...

what is so groundbreaking about it?

I think the stories setting is interesting yes and could make for a great game.. but I don't get what is so "groundbreaking" about it. #1.1.11

I haven't played it

feel free to go check my stats on bungie.net

my psn id is Dark-witness

I am a level 30 warlock.

Now I will admit I have not played it for a while now so maybe they have changed it.

Last time I played each stick is available by going to the plannet and selecting it on the map.

If my memory serves me right you can also change the difficu... #12.5.3
yes, they will if you follow the current trend...

love the way you rolled off a list of sequels as if they are "New IP" with "Interesting gaming experiences"....

The number of endless and yearly sequels is almost just as bad as the new trend with remasters... if you are happy to settle for them though... whatever floats your boat! #6.1.2

by daily and weekly content you mean repeating story missions on an egg timer?

Or the same strike missions you can play at anytime by just going to the location instead of going to their "list" of "weekly" content.

How is that weekly content?

The defenders of the faith never fail to amaze... #12.5
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