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for what it's worth here are my thoughts.

for the most part most of the missions feel like a reskin of past missions. Definately feels like the main story is short, by short I mean it took me about 2 hrs, maybe less to run through it with a friend.

I mean I wasn't expecting an 8 hr campaign, but I was like, really is this it!!

a lot of the new gear is again, reskinned year one stuff. If bungie allowed us to simply upgrade any ...

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@ LucasRuindChildhood

I wouldn't say last gen had "tons" of remasters... we certainly didn't have this many at this state in the life cycle of last gen consoles.

To be fair fare as well, last gen was the big transition into HD the just from the graphics we saw on Ps2 and Xbox was massive and the jump in resolution.

This gen we are getting remasters of games that barely do anything. a slight brush up from upscaled 1...

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like you and many of the other comments point out....

the real truth behind this issue isn't just the game or gamers, this is a bigger issue with our current society in general.

everyone now has the right to everything and it should be given to them on a plate with a silver spoon. if you are incapable of working hard to achieve something, it's not your fault it's everyone elses fault and they owe it to you to give you whatever you want becaus...

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who takes games seriously....the gamers who love or make a living off gaming.

I can't take golf serious... you hit a tiny ball with a club at a hole a mile away... do you think a professional golfer like Woods takes golf seriously, you bet your F"^"67king A"£$^6 he does!

should the standards he plays be lowered just because I don't take it serious?

If it's just a bit of fun for you, great, have fun. the...

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What I love about the industry is just how much bullcrap the devs throw at us like we are all 8 year old kids. I mean I know some of their customers are 8 year olds... but come on, time after time after time, dev's go on forums defending their crappy practises and tell us we are wrong. We see a flat out downgrade is visuals and they make it out like no, there is no downgrade, it's all in our heads.

they make demos and trailers look the best they possibly can, show ...

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There is no reason both a well writen story and good boss fights couldn't co-exist together.

In my opinion the decline in boss fights is just a general direction the industry has gone tryong to make everything noob friendly to hit the "mass appeal" requirement for those $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ target numbers set by big men in suits who don't give a hoot about actual games.

it's a shame and something that has turned me off a lot of games...

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Oh please...stop playing video games and go paint rainbows on a wall.

ok, you love video games, may I recomend Farm Simulator, just try not to mow down any ducks with your tracktor. Wouldn't want to traumatise those sensitive little eyes with all that bloodshed.

definately one of the dumbest things I have read today.

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Max Payne is exactly the kind of game should get a complete remake. now when I say remake, they simply need to build the same game in something like the R* rage engine for this generation of consoles.

don't change anything about the story, music, level design etc.... just reboot the graphics and animation thats it.

it would put so many games to shame this gen when you look at how little they offer these days.

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she can give me a spinning bird kick and slap me sideways any day.

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Ya, I have to agree..

gosh I was such a massive xbox fan back in the early years. I remember seeing E3 when kinect was announced and basically the console just wasn't the same after that. every e3 just felt like a push toward gimick after gimick while announcing about 2 or 3 core exclusives each year to tie the hardcore fanbase over for the next few years.. gears, halo, forza, gears halo forza and then kinect trash trash trash...

they started off wi...

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nothing wrong with that... except why even bother developing it for the xbox one and ps4 then?

what are they using the "next gen" power to do if it's not doing anything for the graphics?

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Yo...are you for real?

You don't get it... inperfections, moles, skin texture.. If women in the real world had non of those things most guys wouldn't be bothered..

T*Ts and A** thats the "stimulation" !!

Pixls, animated or in the flesh.. it's about t** and a**

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very true for "money answerth all things"

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it's an amzing game I think from a technical perspective.

it's open world, one of the largest open worlds, the graphics on every level from building to plants to convertable cars etc. the level of detail right down to the trash cans is impressive.

the animations etc. it's just all so well put together.

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@ christocolus

Well that's why I said AAA, I prob have my definetion of AAA a bit messed up but games like Ori and project spark didn't spring to mind at all.

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When they say that I have to ask...

what other major AAA New IP has MS released from their studios this gen? I don't think QB has had much competition in that department

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@ thorstein

yes..ok I am sorry..

I am that guy shamefully raising my hand up!

Although I can say I don't have two tv's, I have both my xbox and ps4 setup on exactly the same TV with exactly the same settings for each input.

I have bought two copies of the same game and ran them at the same time on both consoles, making sure I have the same visual image on both and then flipping chanels every two seconds like a maniac ...

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there wasn't really anything sexual about the first pose but someone managed to see something sexual in it and get offended.

I mean she is wearing flipping yoga pants, anything she does her butt is going to stickout.. and lets not talk about what we may see looking at a front view of that

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ohhh please... there is no bias with this one.

The order got ripped a new one for a lot of the same reasons.

Both games really failed to deliver what a lot of fans hoped for deep down.

We can try and play it off to make ourselves feel better about the money we spent and because fanboys on both sides don't really want to admit that the games they had been hyping on about for so long ended up being such let downs.

Thats not...

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maybe saying it was "ok" is understating it... it was a great game by all accounts.

it still didn't quite do for me what Dead Space 1 did and you could see that undertone of this is going downhill. it's hard to explain.

Dead space 1 just got everything so right in my book. just everything about that game was perfect to me.

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