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... All men must die! #5.1.2

would you not say the same of the xbox fans who have been bragging for years about the exclusive DLCl they have gotten.

Obnoxious... maybe, but every word of it true! #10.1.1
As someone who use to be an xbox fan, it makes me feel ashamed to say I was one looking at the way some of them have reacted to this issue...

For how many years now has MS been buying this exclusive DLC, that exclusive DLC...

Nobody had an issue with it.

How long has MS had Cod (the biggest shooter on both platforms) DLC on lockdown for timed exclusive.. it was not a problem.

now they want to cry because PS get's destin... #1.1.2
7h ago by DARK WITNESS | View comment | Well said
it's the other way round for me...

my xbox hardly get's turned on at the moment and I play on the ps4 most nights.

PS4 is worth every penny.

My xbox will come alive when Halo and forza horizon are out.

I buy all my multiplats on the ps4 now, which is the opposite to what I did last gen #2.3.9
Don't be stupid...

If developers actually made quality games people will buy.

if publishers keep forcing devs to pump out crap, half arsed, unfinished games.. then people won't buy.

Or maybe if they actually dropped the price a little more people would be inclined to buy more games. Instead of buying say 1 or 2 games a month, people would buy say 3 or 4.

two good ways of making money; sell something with little quanti... #1.1.2
you are suffering from over exposure to "The Grind".

It's not just any old grind, it's the warframe grind.

I know because I have also gone through the same thing.

you spend a few days, days turn into weeks sometimes, trying to farm and farm and farm till you get the new mod or prime part..

eventually you hit that point and you ask yourself "what am I getting for all this?" "what is the purpos... #2.1
Whats wrong with picking a console based on a controller?

The controller is arguably one of the most important parts of the console. When it comes to it that controller is like our third arm into the digital world we are looking at on screen..

No matter how awesome the game is to look at on screen, you are not going to enjoy it if you get constant cramp in your thumb because of a badly designed controller!

News flash, we don't all have t... #6.3.2
If you want plat and you don't want to spend money, selling mods is a good way to go.

I have sold maxed serrations and hornet strikes for about 200 -250 plat a pop. you will soon be able to buy all the weapon slots you need if you try that way.

Warframe has it's fun side, but it is very very addictive and I just got to the point where I felt there was not much reward for the time I was putting to grind and get some stuff. #1.1.5
I had the same problem with my thumb slipping so I got some pads that go over the top of the thumb sticks and now I find they are fine.

This whole thing about the xbox pads being better I think it's something that carried over from the 360.. and that is because it was being compared to the ds3.

the DS4 is a massive improvement. For xbox players who could not get into ps games because of the controllers (specially the thumb stick placements) I highly recom... #6.1.1
" @Dark Witness not necessarily so simple. There have been a few studies that claim releasing a demo of a game actually reduces sales of the full version. "

LOlOl.... actually it is that simple!

"a few studies that claim releasing a demo of a game actually reduces sales of the full version"...

let me explain how it works, you don't need multiple studies to figure it out..

you release a demo of a game... #1.1.6
"I can understand why they might see it as necessary to try and claw in a little revenue in those circumstances. "

Are you kidding? EA has been trying to "claw in" revenue any which way they can.

If they focused their efforts on actually creating a quality game, they would not be worried about clawing money back from demos because people would actually go out and buy the full price game!

Just another excuse for them to ke... #1.1.4
i would not say that's true...

the original xbox was more powerful then the ps2 but people picked the ps2 mostly.

it's all about the games.. there is a lot of good and bad fluff that surrounds that, but the bottom line is the games. #6.2
people are only going to be swayed by what Their Friends are buying and playing... not the rest of the 10 mil people.

it's not to early.. if you know most of your friends have or are getting a ps4. you will get one regardless.. same applies to the xb1. #1.4.2
@ XiYakushijuAkeginuXi

The following statement comes to mind...

"If you don't have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you're trying to get...
... Then motherf"^^ker you won't never have it."

:) #1.1.7
looks like I will just go back to boycotting ~EA games this gen.

For a very, very long time I didn't touch EA games. The first EA games I bought last gen were Dead Space 1 and Mirrors Edge. Then the BF games.. it took me a very long time to convince myself to buy into their games.

They keep talking this way... #5.1.6
no point hating them if we keep going out and buying their games. we need to speak with our wallets. #5.2.1
We are not hard to please, a lot of gamers were quite pleased with the sort games we were getting two generations back.

We felt like we were getting good value for money, games that were great experiences right off the disc, gameplay and story that was interesting and diverse...

Now with the introduction of online we were told games would expand on that but, well in my opinion most games have diminished in that. If I am honest thought I don't believe it... #5.1.4
Why should it be ? MS is always locking exclusive content for 3rd party games for x amount of time or whatever..

Now Bungie owe it to them... MS paid for what exclusives they wanted, Bungie don't owe anyone anything! #6.2
well it's great if you don't need to play it... you want a reward?

The thing about Destiny is many gamers were not sure about the game and how good it was going to be.

There was the obvious "it's just re-skinned halo" comments but we had seen very little so for a lot of people they really could not make up their mind if they wanted to get it.

Keep in mind this fall is going to be full of great games, not everyone can a... #3.2
He carries the sawed-off shotgun in his pocket everywhere #1.2.2
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