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As usual....
Top notch comparison by a quality site. Eurogamer and CoD:MW2 for the win. #1.7
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I thought StanLee's
reasons were good enough as to why he pays for Live, and they work for me. I've always been happy with my Live service. Different strokes for different folks. Why does it matter to anyone else as to why you like the service.

For all the PSN people, you don't pay for your service, great for you. Many Live gamers aren't complaining. It seems as though the ones that are complaining are the rabid PSN havers. Not all, just the rabid ones.

Live and let live i say, stop... #1.14
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Bubbles for you....
unlike the guy who posted under me in my first post..... Lifeless Trolls.....

Man this site is really sucking lately.

But Kudos to you.... #4.2
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Jus sad....
get off it already. Turn10 thanked Poly because they got them into racing games.... You blind fanboys hear and see what you want.

So far Forza 3 sounds like it will be awesome, and even Eurogamer said that it's deserving of considering itself definitive.

Now whether you agree or disagree, it's up to you. But this is gaming, a great hobby to be into. Competition pushes the envelope forwards.

Naughty is a classy developer and UC2 looks Amazing and so... #5.2
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Don't worry about it EvilBlackCat
This site is extremely biased, and then you have your standard 360 bashers.... MNicholas included.

They have nothing positive to say about any 360 game. He's been ragging on many of the Forza 3 articles. He doesn't like the game, and has no interest other then trashing the game.

He does have some intelligence, so don't take him for a blind fanboy, he's more or less a Grand Troll. It's sad when someone chooses to waste all their time following around a game they d... #4.27
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I can't wait.....
this game is going to soak up so much of my time.... Can't wait.... #1.2
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Some of you guys argue the most ridiculous points....
and for what? The consumer should always research a product. You can't take what the manufacturer tells you as the word of God.

It is the consumers responsibility to research before they purchase. It is very immature to just buy things on the word of the manufacturer. That's how you shirk responsibility, and how credit cards get over on people. Not enough consumers doing research.

The manufacturer's job is to make their product attractive. That's it, they have no... #5.11
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I want one so bad....
Can't wait to try out the OLED screen, that has got to be pretty sweet. Not a big fan of Apple and it's cult, this is it for me. #1.4
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Firstly, this is not a demo of the complete build...
This is the E3 demo build which was built alongside Forza 3 development. Secondly, they are both demo's and don't represent the final product. So stop all the crying. Both games look great and are said to play great.

Can't wait till they come out, well, I'm leaning towards Forza 3. It's gonna be an awesome October for me.

Let's be gamers.... All this senseless bickering is childish and makes our pastime look laughable. #1.38
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Thanx for the link Jokes....
that was a great read, in which i wholly agree to the fullest. And this is a stupid comparison.... A whole game vs a Demo that was released at E3..... Sad.... #2.18
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The sad aspect of this whole argument is that....
The Forza 3 demo is the E3 demo.... Which we all know is a separate build from the final game..... I loved the demo.... It gave me a taste for things to come. I think both games look great.... But Forza in my opinion is far more engaging and feels more realistic. And i don't know what sounds some of you were hearing, but Forza has always sound better then GT. The sounds are far more visceral, and the tire screech in GT5p is the same one from GT1.

Hats off to both Turn10 and PD,... #7.7
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I love my Zune...
And i haven't looked back towards Apple or any of it's products. I swear it's like a cult or something. I used to want to jump into Apple everything. But when i started to realize that for the same money, i can have better, not only that.... all i need is it's OS if i wanted it, i don't need any of it's products....

It does have a strangle hold on music and app entertainment though. I like MS's efforts and that they are trying really hard, but it's like a new OS trying to compete... #12
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I can't wait...
I just came from the other Forza 3 article, and it's full of Forza and 360 haters.... It's really sad.... Bunch of Trollz have nothing better to do. It urked the mess out of me....

This game is going to be great.... I have Forza 1 and 2, can't wait to play this one. The game looks beautiful, and i know it's gonna handle amazingly. October 22 can't come fast enough..... Argh.... #1.5
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Many of you guys are Flaming idiots....
Why are most of you even in here? To show that many of you don't have common sense, or maybe that you just can't read. Forza 3 is exclusive, many of you are just looking for something to flame....

My god, many of you make this site unbearable sometimes. I came to this article hoping to talk about the great cars that I saw at the page about these cars.... And low-and-behold, the article is full of people who don't even like Forza 3....

Get a life,... #1.18
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What i'm irritated about is....
the same people complaining about the violence, are probably gonna be relishing in it when God of War 3 comes out.....

Sad bunch of hypocrites.....

I like the violence, and I think it should have been optional on PS3.....

Oh, and so far, all i've seen is a color saturation difference and less AA on the PS3 version. Haven't seen any texture detail shots to make a judgment and the lighting is different. Can't really say better or worse, because it's better... #2.46
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For someone who hasn't read any of the books....
you sure do have a lot of insight as into his backstory.... #15.1
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Master Chief and the rest of the Spartans are awesome....
I actually have all the novels including the graphic novel, and they are a great read. You don't even need to be a fan of the game to enjoy them. The story telling is just that good. It also explains how the Spartans came to be, so to one of the posters above, he is more then just a soldier that can jump high(ignorance).

The Mass Affect books are pretty good too. I finished the first one, and now am moving on to the second. They are pretty good.

I can't understand th... #14
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now SaaKing....
you are directly comparing the Eyetoy to Natal. And it's seems like there is some underlining animosity. How about trying to be optimistic about Natal. How about hoping that it does better then the Eyetoy. We as "Gamers" don't win when stuff fails. Let's hope MS blows our socks off. Why predict a loss?

I've had the 360's Vision Camera almost since day 1. I played the interactive arcade game that came free with it. I liked the concept, but i wanted more precise motion ca... #5.6
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I'm sorry Saaking...
i wouldn't give the Eyetoy that much credit. It was still a niche thing. It needed to be incorporated if it was going to be successful. Natal is looking for full incorporation not just an add-on. Look at the games for the eyetoy. Do you actually wonder why it didn't catch on.

Natal is going for full immersion. You really are part of the game in Natal. the Eyetoy had interactive cards <---- niche title, you had the Eyepet <---- niche title. Sony obviously wasn't going for ma... #5.4
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I think it's great....
I agree... MS really needs some strong 1st party showing... But i think they are doing great and the fact that they have all these studios showing support that it's promising for Natal. They can start off slow like how PS3 always had some kind of motion support for games by using the Six Axis. Natal can start small there, and then build upon that with Natal games. I just really hope they don't bank on natal and try to make games that are better on controllers be used on Natal.

Th... #2.4
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