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fanboys, still don't understand. I bought multiples on the ps4/pro before if they ran better, but I'll buy on the x now. Obviously, I just wanna play the best console version. Not that hard to understand.

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sure I can, I have both.... fanboys, make no sense.

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It comes down the efforts of the dev, duh.

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bluefox, I don't want to game on PC. There are headaches that come with it, I prefer console and I'll game on the pro and x. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

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I saw the hulk take cover once. He then proceeded to throw it at the villian.

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It has been announced, just no release date yet.

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it sends the signal through coax, a far more stable system.

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MOCA available too, even better speeds.

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Where are you looking? I see far more sony fanboys in this thread. All fanboys sounds pretty pathetic, would be nice to get real unbiased opinions once in awhile, instead of the garbage spouted above.

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I'm predicting someone lives in their mom's basement.

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For people looking for a great deal with 4k and hdr, check out TCL 55p607, on par if not better than ks8000, just got released a little over a week ago.

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Watch a real 4k movie, not anything streamed and yes I can tell the difference. It's obvious, especially on a really good 4k tv. Not all 4k tvs are built the same, nor are all players.

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Your right I don't ever recall hearing that all games would be native 4k. That's just crazy ps fan boys saying they heard it to make ms look bad now. I didn't think I could consider them any lower, but I was wrong. Xbox really does need to work on games this E3 though. Ps4 getting much more use atm.

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Obvious troll, but you do realize that many people own both consoles and personally I would buy it on the console I own the previous game on. Not because I prefer one console over the other.

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It didn't ship with the capability, it required a patch. The only thing it did ship with is hdmi 2.0, did they foresee hdr or did they get lucky, who knows.

@below. Your wrong though. HDR requires hdmi 2.0a which just so happens to be updated from 2.0 via a patch. I think it was wise to put 2.0 in over 1.4. But 2.0 alone wouldn't support hdr. Hdmi is its own brand, there are constantly updates for it, the next will be refresh rate, who knows if that can be upda...

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Lol he never said that.

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OMG. I can't take it, it's their

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All I see is Sony fanboys here, but hey I hate all fanboys.

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Much lower? metacritic is 76. Lol come on people

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