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Obvious troll, but you do realize that many people own both consoles and personally I would buy it on the console I own the previous game on. Not because I prefer one console over the other.

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It didn't ship with the capability, it required a patch. The only thing it did ship with is hdmi 2.0, did they foresee hdr or did they get lucky, who knows.

@below. Your wrong though. HDR requires hdmi 2.0a which just so happens to be updated from 2.0 via a patch. I think it was wise to put 2.0 in over 1.4. But 2.0 alone wouldn't support hdr. Hdmi is its own brand, there are constantly updates for it, the next will be refresh rate, who knows if that can be upda...

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Lol he never said that.

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OMG. I can't take it, it's their

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All I see is Sony fanboys here, but hey I hate all fanboys.

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Much lower? metacritic is 76. Lol come on people

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Lol mrmagoo, its the Sony fanboys crying at the score, nothing to do with Xbox fans. You fanboys in general are pathetic, annoying children.

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..... oled is ranked best on that site for hdr gaming. You fail, sir

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No such thing as malaria cells, I think you mean malaria can infect cancer cells, if they are programmed to identify and attack certain receptors, which could change depending on the type of cell the cancer effected. They have tested this with polio for treatment of brain cancer with great success

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Nope, they wouldn't transplant a person who has metastatic cancer. It could be in other organs, organs are too much of a premium.

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Good parents get their kids what they need, but there are a lot of spoiled kids out there.

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Know what's sad? People who hate on games they've never played. Silly hipsters.

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Some info for you. Microsoft stock price has hit it's highest price since 2000. They reported their highest net income for the quarter ever a few months ago. N4g, ignorant till the end.

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@mcstorm. Not sure why your getting disagrees, only fanboys can't see the difference. Well, ok, I guess we know why your getting disagrees after all.

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what about there debt and liabilities? It's funny how that never gets mentioned by any of you fanboys.
Not saying Sony is going bankrupt, but atleast give all the information... geez.

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Sadly, I agree.

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I find it funny that you list Sony's indie games that were shown, but do not list any of Microsoft's. Also where is that platinum game? biased much? n4g is a terrible place for true gamers.

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woo way to think like a gamer. If Nintendo does bad, honestly it hurts all of gaming. Your kind of 'gamer' is rather annoying, but I don't expect much out of someone who names themselves after mike's lemonade

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Was reviewed on ps4

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That's how I get my 5 hours, but I don't see anything wrong with that. Bring on the games! Can't wait for later this year

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