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@ transfreak

Notice who jumper's comment was directed towards said.

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Yeah, sitting in front of a computer with nobody around and watching a timer is totally more awesome than going to a midnight release with all your friends, Panda. You won't get stabbed if you go out in public, promise.

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Cant wait

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They made Dead Space, so I think they get a freebie here.

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The sad part is that many people actually have that literal mindset. Many will go, "Man, people are so stupid arguing, they just can't see that PS3/360 is better" And they're actually serious.

WTF, people?

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You should be directing that at everyone, not just him

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Some console owners don't have gaming rigs. It's really not rocket science.

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That's not in bad taste at all.

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Crackdown, Fable 2, and Lost Odyssey say hi.

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Because that would be an unoriginal and boring blog. Seriously, who wants to read "X is better than Y because of blah" for the upteenth time?

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Panda, I hope you're joking at this point. Did a gang bully you at school or something?

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Way to be a bigot.

"Only black people would like something of this quality cuz all black people watch out for each other, amirite?"

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Enjoy, they're all yours.

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In my very first PSN game, I got told to cut my **** off and feed it to my dog. I think this argument is over.

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I made it as an honset list of reasons to not care, but sorry if it sounds like whining. Yeah, I'm gonna leave. Peace out y'all!

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Yes it is. Want to know why it isn't in your eyes? Because you're a Sony fanboy. Shocking, isn't it?

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I hope you wind up alone the rest of your life.

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I didn't spend hundreds of dollars to limit my choices. I play ODST and Uncharted. Everyone outside of this site doesn't care. This site is kind of like one of those secret clubhouses that think they are all-knowing and will rule everything one day.

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They do suck in general, but Ps3 fans are more rampant on the site. How bad they are is not the same thing as how prominent they are. If you disagree, please say why.

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Holy crap, an actual gamer! They're rare on this site.

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