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Doesnt matter detachable controllers were around for years regarding NX Sony may have just wanted to be ahead a file it before it was revealed. Nintendo started unifying their first party in 2012 so they were obviously in the works with nx

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When the switch was announced everyone here denounced it! Now y'all are saying it's cool!? Lol

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Well Sony made it clear they will move away from handhelds and abandond he vita to its death

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This N4G. Lol thought everyone knew doom gloom articles are for the circle jerk parade

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Gakai was bought for $380 million. Stop trolling

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PSVR has ended too? jk but really why aren't retailers stockiit?

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its alot younger than GT jackass

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Aye! Honestly this app is amazing lots of content for free

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ps4 im cummmmming

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i do i relly enjoy a place surrounded by games and look at awsome and lots of used titles when i shop for games

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where are all the Sony sucks at First parties ETC ETC

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i really cant wait to see if Activision will put a COD title on this. COD on the go a proper one would be fantastic

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Sony is pretty much staying them afloat. The Motion Pictured division lost them 995 million.

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they are desperate

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"yea whatever the fuck that means" ;)

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3DS is 240p. Vita is like 500p. The Switch on handheld mode is 720p. Why are you crying about batter life when both those consoles cant pull any of those graphics. Thats like saying the Bugatti is bs becuse it cant do 30mpg when its capable of 1000mph. The accessories are optional. and the paid online is free and more details about what it includes are going to be available more towards the fall.

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thank you.

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i mean you are buying a console that can do 1080p and a handheld that can do 720p on the go with 1 game. WiiU and 3DS would be over $450 but this is a hybrid with the ability to play co op with friends on tabletop mode with out a tv. I think its a good price but again this N4G idk why everyone on here is bashing it

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Switch and Scorpio for me. When TLOU2. Drops the PS4 will be mine again

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