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kinda weird they are having it still approved barely by the FCC

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"Now before any of you jump to any conclusions, this is not to say that there’s going to be native 4k games on the Xbox One X. Even Phil Spencer said many times at many occasions during many interviews that it’s going to up to developers to decide what resolution they they will use and it’s also depends on what sort of game we are talking about because if we are talking about game that runs on 1080p on Xbox One, this game is going to be native 4k and it’s doable."


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WTF are you talking about?... Day 1 sales http://www.businessinsider....

My point is how is Sony producing so much more consoles day 1 in the busiest part of the year?! To me Ninty likes the scarcity tactic. I mean its working they have been doing it for so long now

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Looks sleek af . You gotta give it to a software company when they come out with nice hardware you need to give credit where it's due. The pro is bigger gen the PS4 yet it's slightly bigger and for he X is smaller then the S

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Reseda CA
They are unavailable online and instores. Check the link. Also i refuse to buy their bundle. I just want to play MK8 and ARMS.

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lol funny how everyone is telling this guy to be quiet as if any one cares what pr says outside of this site. Lets go talk about phil instead and circle jerk around the guy

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The best excuse i have for them is that their budget to give manufactures is laughed at by Apples and other Companies blank checks.

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Ps4 was sold out for months but only after they had sold 1 million units first day in N.A and it launch in the holidays. Demand was met in March. 4 months after selling millions. Switch has release in Spring time where Die hard fans and early adopters are the only ones going out of their way to get one. I also doubt it has sold 1 million in NA alone.

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in LA area retailers are out of stock. My local gamestop said they have recived 15 units since April. Pretty much its non existent.

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we wont see TLOU 2 till the latter part of the ps4's life. Just how it released late into the ps3's life cycle

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these opinions are so funny. What ever caters to the clicks on this site i guess. But on a serious note. Its pretty obvios its not lol

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Let me share. Xbox came out with an elite controller that enhanced gameplay to those wanting a different way to play their games and with extra money. Those looking to enjoy 4K games and have extra money will buy the X. It's not meant to replace the og Xbox or S. Now, not all games will take advantage of the extra power but those that are already sitting on a 4K tv and those waiting to make the jump on 4K with select games at launch won't mind. Don't be worried about more options ...

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You're gonna get awarded for your efforts with 70 Virginia mules in heaven. Keep on the good work trying to persuade gamers what to buy.

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instead of gamers trying to convince and talk down on those who game on xbox on here we should all team up, unit and boycott Kanoami... F**#$ those cooperate guy

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Everyone is doing the mid gen upgrades lol it refreshed the market and it's more money. They don't want to go to the 7 year PS3 Xbox model when you introduce power houses off the bat.

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I got into video games because of COD 4 and halo 3 multiplayer. I'm sorry but the industry blew up even more after that wholeness multiplayer hype

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you are so right!!!!!! lets just hope it doesnt sell and sell our souls so it sells 2 units worldwide omg

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Thanks for telling me when to make a purchase, how to use my money. 4K will be enjoyed Nov. 17'

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native 4k. Were you not watching the conference they repeated it several times.

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its modified and games will run custom tailored for it

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