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omg im so worried the company i own stock in wont perform omg N4gg you did it again omg !!!!!

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Dave is taking this to court. If you name someone its called Defamation until proven guilty

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lol head lines were different like " Sony worth more MS due to the Ps4" the circle jerk would of broken their body parts with that headline

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dont say that here on n4g lol

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like i said $200 difference. And the graphices arent earth shattering

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Pro looks brighter and a tab bit sharper. If you have both the sharpness cannot be spotted. The s holds up well considering its $400 and the S is $200

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its about portablilty and gameplay boiiiiiii

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i mean its a Demo tho so its the final version

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people saying MS is harsh probably dont have jobs. No adays everything from ig, fb and other sources are used to judge a potential employee. Be careful of this because many times its happened where you talk negative about you job and you end up losing it because a co worker showed it to someone who has that power. Now, if you say no one deserves their job where you are trying to apply you are shooting yourself in the foot lol i wouldnt hire your ass

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The X is definitely on my radar. Going to save up for it since i purchased in Feb the matte green slim. And you know adult life and responsibilities lol

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you do but people saying that they arent seeing a difference are folks that dont have a 4k monitor and have money for only one console and bash the other one

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Do you have a 4k monitor?

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lol! is better than D1. Overall not better than Halo... RELAX

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thats true however if he goes to another company then its the people at ND. Second high ranking director to leave and not announcing retirement, as a company you want to keep talent no matter what. Especially with his pedigree. But time will tell i guess. Wish him the best. TLoU was GOAT

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Something is going on with in the studio i feel. People arent feeling comfortable

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A lot for my friends rave about the game picking it up when the X1 drops

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LMAO! This statement just gave me sadness and laughter. I mean MS tries very hard to cater to gamers and has well established ip's. To each their own, but i totally disagree with this opinion.

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i mean it in a sense where a studio doesnt only need to develop fopr 1 console (psp) rather then 2. console and protable. But imo i doubt Sony will let Ninty capitalize on an idea they should of executed first

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Maybe they can do a wiiU controller esque and have the dock nump up the power to 4k. Just how the Switch was rumored to do before it was unvield

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