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lol! is better than D1. Overall not better than Halo... RELAX

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thats true however if he goes to another company then its the people at ND. Second high ranking director to leave and not announcing retirement, as a company you want to keep talent no matter what. Especially with his pedigree. But time will tell i guess. Wish him the best. TLoU was GOAT

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Something is going on with in the studio i feel. People arent feeling comfortable

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A lot for my friends rave about the game picking it up when the X1 drops

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LMAO! This statement just gave me sadness and laughter. I mean MS tries very hard to cater to gamers and has well established ip's. To each their own, but i totally disagree with this opinion.

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i mean it in a sense where a studio doesnt only need to develop fopr 1 console (psp) rather then 2. console and protable. But imo i doubt Sony will let Ninty capitalize on an idea they should of executed first

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Maybe they can do a wiiU controller esque and have the dock nump up the power to 4k. Just how the Switch was rumored to do before it was unvield

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thats portable not hybrid

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Personally this is big! Game changer. Rts and Fps support on all games please! More options means bigger appeal for all gamers

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yall get all turned on with these types of headlines. Do your girlfriends know how you guys get all crazy with the whole Xbox sucks BS?! Its all subjective. Play your games ya weirdos

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who cares how much it sold lol play your video games ya weirdo

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well they are using what is working and it worked for nintendo. I would love to play old games at $60. Just like NES Classic. Theres a reason for re releasing old games. Most of which many developers want gamers to play old games and get a refresh to get a greenlight from their publisher to revive an ip or remaster one. Its all business.

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right?! these suckers, sony for life.... jerk them real good and slow

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GT is not something new tho. we'll see

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my buddy who works in the industry had told me ps1 classic will make a debut. I think this is it

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yup the faster they add it the more money they get tbh

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i said this several times on this site and got hung for it. Sonys ventures in Ps outside of console just never take off.

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Fan boys asking for numbers need to understand that they (MS) make their money off of Services... Xbox Live, Cloud, Using windows. Why do you think they also make hardware in a markets and still dont sell as much as their competition but yet they make a killing off every quarter yet Sony is selling alot of ps4's and Sony as a whole turns a fraction of what Sony makes. Yes they are killing it this gen but geez relax with the jerking and play your games yall claim you support

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So you can buy stocks?!

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