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Its fact that its elite controller 2

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Fortnite is F2P?

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When we looking for a nut

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I share the sentiment. On the internet it's cool to hate on gamestop just like they do with X1. But should they go as a video game store I'm going to miss it dearly

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They are definitely a rock solid studio

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i knew it lol

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AI fish

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super excited they stopped annual release and supporting games on a two year cycle now. With that said this BLOPS 3 dlc looks great

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the fatigue is real. Every gun, grenade and shield seem too powerful lol

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Sony really does have a bad track record of everything that doesnt include Consoles. This, PSVR, and a countless others.... Told yall

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im not mad im just saying weve heard it even before its E3 2016 Debut

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this game is like Xbox's crackdown lol so old

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they really arent. Similar zombie genre. Sony Exclusive im sure they saw the comparisons coming

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well to be fair a small company doesnt have huge presence in the game indusrty like Ninty does. Now lets say you come up with an idea and it flops and Apple has something thats made in the same industry and it takes off... with patents you have made protecting you product you may have a case at hand

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MS has made it clear on how they show support with older consoles. So the question will be, "will they release Halo 6 alongside the new Xbox?"

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never been a fan but i should give it a try

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what really are you trying to hide behind this fanboyism? you single? daddy issues? issues at home?

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That exactly my thought. The next Xbox is being cooked up I'm sure

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Yea because they make money and market share you work on either company? If not then these articles are meaningless

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