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Lol they do it because you all drool on anything pro or against Sony.

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Great analysis. This your day job? Never mind I'm sure it is.

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lol are you talking about the failed PSVita? Did you ever own one? It was a horrible streaming device when connected. The controls were limited and Nintendo executed the remote play idea with the switch Hence the switch is killing it

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Do what?

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If Sony doesnt come out with a Switch clone then i would be baffled. Im sure they are cooking something. Do we not remember when rumors and news surfaced about Nintendo centralizing and conducing its studios in 20111 12"? didnt Sony do something similar recently?

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that doesnt mean anything tho. in 2013 the last of us came out as the ps4 rolled out the same year

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Exactly my thought. This isn't yo urban average Ninty generation. We are talking about a hybrid here. Maybe a slimmer switch? But that's all I can think of

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oh shit final season? :)

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Honestly I'm not even a fan but Nintendo hit it out of the park with this one. At my church kids and young adults talk about it. I'm tempted to buy one to see what's up. Wait for animal crossing and CoD local lanline would be sick

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Article says 50% but on the website it says 70%

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I'm thinking COD BLOPS 4 tonite

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Maybe a COD switch version. Since today it was announced?

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Slow news day? the original came out for 30 bucks

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its likely going to be released 2019. No leaks or rumors have leaked. With E3 3 months away we would of heard something by now. Hell even BLOPS 4 is leaking everywhere

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nope as a child time went by slower. i asked my 6 year niece if she feels time is slow and even she said its going by fast.

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kinda like the smartphone industry lol.... Highly priced glass Slabs

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No its just Sony Fans are thinking this is the end For MS. Really the industry is going this route lol. Digital sales were just the start.

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Did you sony Fanboys not see the industry going this route when all the doom gloom articles about Digital sales started to climb? Yall blind.

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Everyone hoping for the demise of MS offering many games for a fee. Wonder how this N4G community would have reacted if Sony offered it. The ego stroking would be huge lol

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