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I get the impression that EA wanted to see how far they could push the 'bare minimum' model for Sims and then inundate us with millions of expansion packs.

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Shame. He was probably the only person who I enjoyed watching at E3. He was so calm, well spoken. He didn't jump around acting like a flamin' idiot or wet himself in excitement of the games he was announcing.

He was just a top guy.

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I'd be pretty bummed out if a veteran like Tomb Raider was abandoned. This is a game that has gone through so many ups and downs - especially when Core Design was heading the originals.

It has a lot of potential and I think I found a new appreciation for Crystal Dynamics when they released the last Tomb Raider. Hadn't enjoyed a Tomb Raider game that much for ages.

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Definitely . The maps were brilliant and well thought out and the big for me was that it was simple. Now we have a gazillion kill streaks and emblems flying all over the place. I think it's got too cluttered and needs stripping back.

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Remember getting Tomb Raider 1 for christmas. Probably my single most favourite game ever, because everything else stemmed from there.

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Mobile gaming is evolving very quickly as well and I think that's partly due to the ever changing hardware landscape of the devices they are played on. Snapdragon, Tegra, Exynos are getting refreshed and more powerful each year so more and more is possible.

Though as it stands, mobile gaming can't replace console gaming. In fact, I like to think of it better as they both compliment each other. Gaming now covers a broad spectrum of target people which is brilliant. Co...

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Definitely a good decision on the whole for the industry if this turns out to be true, but it does call into question Microsoft as a whole. Their whole business model for the Xbox One is taking a bit of a battering and some reshuffling. Not what you want to see from a company that will be releasing a console in a couple of months.

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Makes sense. This is the probably the best time to support current gen consoles seeing as they have a huge install base now compared to when they first started.

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Dynasty Warriors use to be one of my most favourite gaming series. Though somewhere in the middle, it just felt like they were playing it too safe with each version.

Though there is so much untapped potential in the game it is unreal. If they included more sophisticated AI and maybe a commander system where maybe you can also have your own battalion of soldiers, then I would chuck my cash at them like no tomorrow.

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There is not enough incentive for gamers to buy online on consoles at the moment. It usually turns out that the digital version is more expensive than the full retail version.

I recall some games being priced at £55 on the PSN store.

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To be fair I never really campaigned for them to change their DRM policies. I saw their DRM policies and I saw Sony's and I thought, PS4 it is then. They made my decision and they could back peddle all they want and I still wouldn't trust them.

Though you may of noted that I did say it was nice of Microsoft to listen to gamers. There are no doubt some people out there who are now happily pre-ordering their Xbox One and good for them so in that sense, they have won. <...

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Great point Raptor.

I am also surprised at how many people are now willing to forgive and forget about this whole issue as well.

Does it not occur to them that Microsoft have just BS through months worth of information they provided you? They said the power of the Xbox One was routed in the cloud, but now they are saying you can play your games offline. They said DRM was the future, but now they have removed DRM.

Hell this recent announcem...

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Definitely not.

Why would I want to support a company that has just practically BS through the last couple of months?

The power of the cloud is amazing then all of a sudden you can play your games offline. DRM is the future and then all of a sudden it is gone.

How can you trust a company like that?

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Very true.

It's quite amusing to see them stating it was from feedback from the Xbox community that they're doing this. Typical PR of course, but all this statement translates into for everyone in the know is that they are reacting to a large proportion of gamers be them PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc.

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It's nice to see Microsoft listening to consumers, but sadly it doesn't shake away the fact that they attempted to implement DRM into games.

I can't help but feel that without Sony's stance and possibly Nintendo's on DRM, Microsoft would of jammed it down your throat; but because there was an alternative and they could see people were leaning towards it, they back paddled.

It's a small step in the right direction, but it still sucks th...

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Kinda think it would be better to both muffle him and Mattrick at the same time, because neither do a good job relating with gamers by the looks of things.

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Game are awful. They charge ridiculous prices when practically everywhere else is cheaper and half the time the consumer knows more information than the person behind the counter.

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Thought it was a wasted chance with Jack there. Loads of opportunities to post some really interesting questions to Jack, but mostly just same old same old information that we already know.

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So you can plug it in but he doesn't give any explanation as to why someone would want to do that...

Come again?

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Surely this has to be illegal? I can't understand being banned from online, but to ban from all those games?

I hate rude people online as much as anyone, but to ban them from all their games? I'd never want that on anyone - they paid for those games and they are entitled to play them and I don't Microsoft or anyone else for that matter should have a say in whether you can play them or not.

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