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Entitled? Screw off. The online was a minor stretch goal in a giant list of them and should not be the reason (along with the portables they're porting to) that the game gets delayed over a year. Also, the game itself is designed like garbage. #9.1
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We had it set to "high" (not ultra) on all graphics settings. It definitely isn't a looker. #1.1
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The video is slowed down to 1/2, uploaded, and then sped up by 2x. #1.1
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Deep Down's trailer was in English and Yoshida said the PS Vita TV is going to have details announced for other territories at a later date. #1.1
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Not only is this video not fanboy FUD (like one would expect) but The Digital Foundry's article written about this same thing backs up everything said here.

I think the real fanboys are the one's screaming about how biased the video is and having no real information to back it up. Just because the bandwidth isn... #10
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Hai. #6.1
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Completely missing the mark. You can't be that capable to attack the enemy and it be completely terrifying. #2.1
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Indoors, it isn't something worth cursing about. Outdoors? Oh god. I live in the sunshine state which is another way of saying "impossible to see OLED outside State." Maybe if I lived in London... #1.1
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Not at all entitled. Just noting that it makes for a poor user experience when features are inconsistent across programs/apps/games. Also, Sony lowering the quality of the UX for the sake of saving face to other publishers is ill-advised considering Nintendo Fanboys (like the pictured Bob Chipman) truly believe that Nintendo cares more about them than money.

Did I say I deserved it? No. Did I say Sony "dun fucked up"? Yes. Am I PO'd over the brightness thing? Ye... #2.1
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Just curious, do the 3 of us add up to 2 annoying journalists or what? #1.1
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I love how it is obvious you didn't listen through to the point that's at to get the context. I love that. I ADORE that. It is universally the case with this place. The absolute compulsion to leap before you look in this place is stunning and predictable. #1.1
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10-4 #1.1
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*equally mature reply* NUH-UH! Seriously though, not the most mature reaction to have to a compliment from some random user. #5.1.1
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It is posted under the category of 'Video'. I would think it is news-worthy given that trailers, reviews, previews and teasers all qualify. #1.1
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I concur. Crimson Skies was my favourite game on the original Xbox so..yea. Tons of fun online. We need more biplane games damnit! #1.1
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MS is indeed a Software company -BUT- early this generation of consoles they founded an engineering Company (group?) for the sole purpose of designing Xbox chips and systems. The first fruit of their labor was the Single chip CPU-GPU 360 chip. #5.1.1
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See, that's the weird thing. 2 members of GigaBoots actually ENJOYED Hysteria Project 1. If you thought that was bad then, yes, you'll probably agree this is most likely the worst game ever. It's seriously -that much worse.- #1.1
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I don't own any RPG's this gen and platinum'd MW2 so...I mean, we aren't as negative as you make it seem. The game isn't a looker but it is interesting. I'm interested in trying it out more. If you're upset because I said it was low-res then just deal with it. #1.1
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That's why I focus on the GPU. I don't have near enough information about the architecture to know if the CPU in the Vita can process graphics nearly as well as the cell. It's pretty obvious nothing can get close to the Cell's performance in that field but it's still important to know how close and in what ways before I can even make commentary.

I planned on making a part two (or another episode of TRiG) once we know more about the CPU's clockrate, the... #4.1.1
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Well, it's not actually HD. It's 1024x 768 (or whatever.) #1.1
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