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ND game engine was maxed out NOT THE PS3

Hence they changed the art direction for UC3 to further push what the system could do.

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Naughty Dog should be in the top 3

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i'll buy it used, ND doesn't deserve my money.

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Lets be real

Uncharted 2 has Tomb Raider beat


Tomb Raider >>>> Uncharted 3 and 1

Uncharted 3 is one of the most overrated games of this generation.

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I don't mind microtransactions as long as it's for costumes & basic stuff that doesn't affect gameplay but it's getting out of hand & it's time gamers start speaking with their wallets & stop supporting these greedy practice by publishers & devs as well.

Square Enix , EA, Activision, Capcom & Sony are all disgusting.

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Lol I don't have a beef with anyone I'm allowed to voice my opinions & I decided to skip TLOU or get it used since I refuse to give them my money directly ...

Do you think I care if anyone takes me serious ? On this site .. Come get real dude it's just theeee internet, better yet You cared enough to reply so there goes your little myth.

And I've had this avatar up on my profile since 2007 I just didn't care to change it since I...

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It has everything to do with them because they are still apart of Naughty Dog last time I checked, you are acting like Naughty Dog didn't mess up Uncharted 2 MP as well after patch 1.05 so quit acting like UC2 team is perfect, when the recent patch 1.17 came out who do think announced it ?? Evang did & he's currently working on TLOU & he kept saying how he's proud of the patch so it links right back to them.

Are you trying to imply I should give them a free ...

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Lol why ? Because they have lost my trust after the way they handled Uncharted 3, they released a half baked broken game riddled with bugs & glitches out the gate, they ruined the online portion of the game with patches & turned the online portion into a money grab pay to win game. How is it possible that the summer beta is better than the retail game ??? they are one of the most money hungry / arrogant developers in the industry, they don't care about gamers / games, they make...

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Naught Dog can kiss my purchase of this game goodbye & if I do buy it, I'll make sure to buy it used so my money doesn't go straight to them.

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I was excited for this since it's been knows for months
But after patch 1.17 yesterday all my excitement went out the door, I know I will get tons of disagrees for this but I don't really care, Uncharted 2 is one of my fave games ever unfortunately Uncharted 3 is one of the most overrated games ever, the Single player story is weak with tons of loops holes the story falls apart mid way through, the most anti-climatic boss fight & ending ever, not to mention the amount...

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Sony needs to get 3rd party support for the Vita in Japan.

The Vita needs a price cut in the states, different colors, bundle it with bigger memory cards + 3 months worth of plus

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Lol at the silly arguments taking place in this thread I see N4G hasn't changed much throughout the years & M$ will not change anything specs wise, both Sony & M$ already know what each other were doing specs wise both consoles will ship with the same amount of RAM , next gen comes down to the software ecosystem & social aspects.

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Naughty Dog isn't turning into a crap dev team anyways
I might get flamed for that but I don't care
They are arrogant overrated money hungry devs.

They probably delayed it to implement more microtransaction options.

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KZ3 is anything but free since you can reach the rank camp in 3 games.

DC Universe is the only real free to play game on PSN

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After the mess that was Uncharted 3 only fools would blindly hand over their money to Naughty Dog again I'm a huge fan of them & once considered them to be the top Sony Devs and now they are on my sh*t list they have no respect for their loyal fanbase /buyers.

I will say I am really interested in this game but I'm gonna wait & see what the forums have to say about it don't intend to buy another glitch riddled broken single & Multi-player game and wit...

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I expect it to be extended again tomorrow.. Lol

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They probably got hacked again the maintenance has been extended twice today alone

A 12 hour maintenance is now turning into a 2 days process this stinks I'm glad I stopped using my credit card with sony & use PSN cards.

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The DualShock is perfect though I've been accustomed to the design since PS1 days, they tried to move away from the DualShck when the PS3 originally launched & we saw how that turned out, if its not broken don't try to fix it.

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Are they trying to compete with Naughty Dog to see who can milk their fanbase the most with these overpriced DLC content.

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Seems they are prepping for the fact this game will probably get traded in a lot once people finds out its nothing special.

I might rent it though not convinced its gonna be good just yet, hope I'm proven wrong.

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