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She was actually a hermaphrodite before the possession. The game hints at this with little comments from NPCs when she was a little girl saying things like "You're not a real girl, and stuff like that." #2.5.1
It's certainly a great game that many people simply didn't get the chance to play. #1.1
If anything, this is a comment on the quality of MW3 than it is Black Ops 2. That, and you can't call ONE GAME difference a "trend". #63
Bring Phil Hartman back Sony! We know you have the power! #1.1
It says right in the beginning it's going to be a very short piece, but you're certainly entitled to your opinion. #1.1
Molyneux is one of my personal heroes. The industry would be a darker and lonelier place without him. #28
You REALLY should have put a "$" before the 500. I know it's an enormously unbelievable number, but that's exactly why I was so confused. #23
To each their own. I guess I was a little hard on it, but I honestly didn't like the game very much. Just my opinion though. I'm happy to be "wrong" about it. :-) #1.1
Those were actually on the docket to be added to the video, but it would have caused me to miss my deadline for the piece. I had to stop where I was. :-( #3.1
It's really silly to say a game was overrated when you play it four years after its release. The industry standards change from year to year. I mean, I don't expect anyone to enjoy FF7 as much as I did in 1997. #46
It's just proof that people are SICK of this generation. The length of this generation has only hurt this industry. #19
I can believe that to a point. RARE made some amazing games this generation, yet they didn't receive the marketing and attention they deserved. Now, this may have been that Microsoft simply dropped the ball, or maybe their games simply were not marketable enough.

Either way, I think Nintendo should just buy them back. They at least know how to leverage cutesy game franchises. #23
It's call a focus test. Every major developer does it. Volition has a constant link on their "Careers" page for people to apply to be focus testers. For those of you interesting in playing Saints Row 4 in a year or so. ;-) #32
lol. How exactly would Microsoft "ban" a rival console from the market?

Do you mean sue? If that's what you mean, no. No they wont. They have a stronger suit against Nintendo and their Pro Controller for the Wii U. #30.1
Wander over the Verge and look at their screen shots. At the bottom of the one shot, you can clearly see button prompts. My guess is that there's likely going to be a controller. ;-) #1.1.12
Wow. That sounds REALLY familiar. I worked at a developer that had very similar issues. It seems like if someone in charge liked you, you were going to become a manager of some type within a year. It didn't matter how good you were at your job, it just matter that you were buddies. This led to having a LOT of strike-leads and coordinators, but not nearly enough lower level people. It got frustrating fast.

I hear the studio I was at is MUCH better now, but it's sad th... #49
Valid point assuming that was running on a console. Even if it was running on a console it was likely CGi.

We were told Killzone 2 footage was "in-game" as well. Remember? #7.1.1
They are most likely right. Visuals/Graphics/Art are reaching a point of diminishing returns. Performance is now based more on how much you can have happening on screen via physics, scripting, ETC. #7
I highly disagree about Booth Babes being a big detriment to the show, but the article is interesting none the less. Approved. #1
I honestly didn't bother to go past the second game. I really dislike sites that put one paragraph on every page to drive traffic. It's a pretty shady practice. #44
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