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You raise some good points but how would you respond to some of those core fans, who feel that it may effect the story and fluidity of the game?

Yes Dragon Age is filled to the brim with content and exploration, but mass effect is known for it's extremely well story telling and maintaining some level of constancy from the transition of actual in game play to cutscenes vice-versa. Which creates a very rich experience for some.

Do you rea... #1.1.2
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Interesting what are you reasons for this? #1.1
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Bioware not a household name anymore #1
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Also Eve Online is ONE World One Server so PS4 players would have to play with PC Gamers and Sony doesn't want that.

Can you bring me a source for this information? #1.2.1
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So I'm guessing Rockstar can still do no wrong? #3
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For me this generation has been the best thus far currently only 22 i missed so much out of the previous generations, skipping cutscenes not understanding their purpose, then not understanding what suppose to be doing and just giving up, or just being young and not being able to save for memory cards etc Being able to relive some great PS1 & Ps2 Classic with better understanding to the gaming experience and having logic behind briefings and cutscenes rhen I had first time around and on to... #2
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Better specs on paper? it has better specs fullstop lol #5
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Don't know what the heck the author is thinking, I enjoy my PS3 alot and wanted one from day but couldn't afford one, I never remotely wanted an Xbox One but further Information revelation by microsoft further disgusted me now I am Chronically sick of MS and their XBOX's bar the Original #4
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Willing to bet the market growth will not be as big on the Xbox One due to how they handle games. #3
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Why would game on the PC if we wanted the PC experience if you want 2nd hand games banned maybe you could try and phone MS/SONY and sort out a deal on your own personal equipment and not ruin it for the rest of us. #1.6
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Best CoD i've played only one i enjoyed bubbles #1.1.1
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Missed how, the game is made from the ground up for the PS3 which is totally different from the PS4 on the interior yet despite the that and the fact they have been making it since the release of GT5 it's a missed op?

Not at all, if you have a PS3 and want to play GT 6, By not trying to port it to the PS4 SONY ARE BEING VERY WISE in the fact they are giving drive club the chance to gain some of its own recognition, because we all know for a fact GT7 Would sell like banan... #1.1.1
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This not true everyone knows the earth is flat!!! DELUSIONAL!!!
joking lol #3.1
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I'm not bothered at all, i've played every Grand Theft Auto and never completed one, they start of okay and get repetitive quick and last too long with their similiar storylines and lack of interesting story telling etc etc hate the game but always end up getting it because of the hype...not again. #2
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I think most of humanity would be happy if the power rangers were actually stopping SONY from and alien invasion rather then sitting on N4G speaking about it ¬_¬

Power Rangers...Not what they used to be ;) lool #6.1
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I like to THINK THQ lost out on sales for there unfriendly mannerism with DLC and Online Passes... #1.1.1
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Articular makes little to no sense, but here is my thoughts on the war for the living room...i spend most my time in my bedroom in my apartment not the living room.

@disagreerers....the bed is more comfortable then the sofa :P #2
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would prefer more movies on the service as its whack #2
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I prefer my DLC to come in expansions packs, like GTA/Fall Out/Dragon age's ''Awakening'' etc

Bad DLC is Map packs on day one, costumes, Map Packs should have 8-10 maps in none ]

I know you get my drift #4
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Not true always the case, take the PS1 and Ps2 for example and even the WII #4.1.1
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