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I played it once on gamecube the week it came out. Beat it and never played since. Being I only play on pc anymore this was a perfect time to replay it. #3
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If it is complicated enough that someone needs a guide that... #1
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It originally said V-Day and they changed it. I took a screenshot of the original ad. Very weird indeed. #9
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One simple layer of DRM such as Steam is not a big deal. It is not online only DRM and it has its benefits which dont need to be stated. Having multiple layers of DRM is problematic. Having Steam + Uplay, securerom, GFWL etc is just punishing people who have activated keys with Steam. I am glad to see gfwl being patched out. I bought a couple games and when I found out it used it I skipped playing them. Only one I can remember wanting to deal with it for was the Arkham series but even that ha... #3
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I fired up BF4 on PC about a week ago for the first time since launch week and it played great. Hit detection was near perfect, no lag, no drops, no crashes. But it is funny, I have seen it update like 10 times with huge patches. Such a shame. #9
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I think the idea behind the "rental" service as you call it is..keep the quality content coming and people will not want to cancel plus. #4.3
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I assume this is in response to my above comment. Considering the 25th has come and gone not sure what that means as I saw 10 in stock the morning of the 28th. Personally from all the console launches I have seen I find it unusual to easily find that much stock on the shelves this soon after launch let alone after Christmas. Could mean Microsoft is keeping the units coming quicker than Sony or the units are sitting on the shelves longer. Who knows.

Side note: Yes the Target... #21.1
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Tossing it out there but I counted 10 xbox ones and 0 ps4s in stock at my local target. They had 5 or so in the case and he was wheeling around a locked cart with the other 5. #19
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The grammar. It hurts my eyes, it burns them. #4
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Shows people don't even read or care to take in the whole article. #20.1.1
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If you follow the link there is a second video of a guy who can't get it to turn on. Still no reason to blow it out of proportion. #16.1.1
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My thoughts on this for what they are. If it is about the Sony "review" conference and not getting review units and copies to certain "Journalists", I would wait before assuming. Considering Gamestop managers are getting free PS4s and X1s, I don't see it being them not distributing the units. I would assume it won't be for every youtube reviewer and they would obviously start with the bigger outlets. Then again, at the Invitation Conference they may pull an Oprah.... #72
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Agreed. I found unlocking them more fun than the actual games at times. I miss the days without them now to be honest.

Worst addition is selling unlocks as dlc this gen. I mean whatever happened to cheat codes? Way to make people fork out that last 5 bucks. Sad thing is I know people who buy them all the time. #8.3.1
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They are fun but I would rather have the value of buying something once and getting it across 3 platforms if I so choose over numbers that really dont mean anything to me in terms of value.

I am an old achievement hoarder speaking. I found myself pushing thru games I despised to hear that damn sound of it unlocking. I regret doing that.

Sometimes forcing competition doesnt work so well. Games for gold gold isn't looking too hot. I quit downloading them w... #8.2
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I am not doubting the power of a clustering VM's to make a powerhouse of a "Cloud" solution. I think we are more or less getting at the hype of which people think it will directly affect their in game experience. I think on the back end and more developer facing it will do more. I think the usage of the term "Cloud" is used on a more broad level than some think it should. To most customers who don't want to hear the technical br... #1.2.18
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Yes I agree it is a win win and will force others to evaluate their offerings. I personally believe the sales numbers were bolstered by the RROD issues. I personally bought a couple extra units due to failure over the years. Where if my original launch unit never died I would have been counted as 1 unit, not 3. Microsoft lost it with Kinect, I bought it for my son and he hated it. Nothing like watching a movie and having it rewind because it thought it heard a co... #1.2.14
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A Server is a Server, be it dedicated server for gaming, FTP, RDS or anything really. The power of the cloud is a hype term and it is very effective. It gets across the point in general terms. The Power of the cloud is new in terms of using it as dedicated servers for gaming on Xbox. I have been a Live subscriber since wave 2 of beta testers for it and it is nice to know they are finally adding some "value" to the Live subscription. But like commented before, offloading some process... #1.2.8
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Never commented on P2P vs Dedicated Servers. I said "Matchmaking Servers" is different. Yes I do understand Live was P2P for the actual game sessions. But everything else went through Live's Servers for matching and setting up games. Thus you can call their "matchmaking" Servers "Cloud Servers". It is all about the buzz words. #1.2.4
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I work in IT. When I meet with customers we tend not to use technical terms like Servers, Offsite backup etc. Hosted email = Cloud based email. Offsite Backup = Data stored in the "cloud". It is all about buzz words that people can relate to. The "cloud" is nothing more than Servers that are not directly attached to your network. Nothing special. MS had "cloud" matchmaking servers for Live since its inception. I won't be going with MS this time around, first... #1.2.2
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I had issues with Driver SF and Blood Dragon. Blood Dragon was crashing because of the Steam Overlay and i had random other crashes. Rayman Legends runs great and haven't made it to Blacklist yet. #6.1.1
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