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Magazine's name is LEVEL7, I think

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Europe doesn't care because the next generation will be almost over before we see any of those services.

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All I want is a big step up in graphics ( doesn't have too be great), the new social and integrated services, a more smooth and streamlined interface. If sony (or for that matter XBOX) can make a console like that for me, and not lose money at the same time, I think both would benefit from that.

Although I only own a PS3 i think that the competition between PS3 and XBOX have resulted in better games and services for me, as a gamer, so I hope it continues!

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Looks like a lot of fun.

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Oh no!! Of all time?!?!? Really!! The author can't have played games for more than 2-3 yrs. What piece of shit list.

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Should be called us + jap update, never seen eu on this "global update"

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I think PC gamer gave it a score of 9.4 plus editors choice. Also on metacritic (PC)

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Ratchet and clank got a 9
Forza got a 9 and I haven't seen a review of tekken yet.

Sorry, they were correct. I thought they meant
My mistake

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