If your hate can be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world


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I want a Vigilante 8, MDK, The Bouncer, Einhander, Nuclear/Soviet Strike reboots just to name some I can think off of the top of my head. Heck even give me a new Driver game as well.

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To be honest you would think that with what happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines and the way it was deceitfully portrayed, developers would get the hint not to misinterpret how a games visuals look like or have scenes/actions that are not even in the game. It's easier to just tell the truth anyways. The hell with all the lies.

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Sometimes the best things that can put a smile on somebodies face is.... to see them win a PS4. Great prizes overall I must say.

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Why o why
You do know that if you pushed down on one of the analog sticks, think it might have been R3 it would make the map flash and thus showing you where the shards are around you for the ones you have not picked up yet. But it would not show you the height of the shard. If you didn't use the stick damn that would be a lot harder to find of all them. And the first inFamous is fun to play. Reason why I platinumed the game.

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"Everything is available on the internet, and everything is faster and more convenient than storing discs. Just download and GO!"

Yet when your precious USB or HDD go kaput say goodbye to everything. At least with disks it will last you over 30yrs until it starts to degrade provided it hasn't been scratched up a lot. I haven't used my dvd drive in a long time myself but I sure as heck won't say to get rid of it. I back up music and movies on disks at tim...

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"This is because the gaming community operates in a hive mind and they are very backwards. They have all but lost their passion for innovation"

Come on edonus be serious. Having both a disk drive and being able to download games to your HDD is the best way to please everybody & it works fairly well. Until we get faster internet speeds forget about it. And it's not like these systems are using CD-rom or DVD-rom disk drives. Also, it's getting harder &...

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Steams controller might be better than both of these. It's supposed to have better precision as well. A mouse, keyboard, and controller all in one. Could it be the best? I want to try it out myself.

Also wanted to add it would really nice if controllers were to recharge themselves by movement or from the heat that your hands exert. Or even both!

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Basically a slim tower case in PC terms. Small form factor. Also reminds me of the shuttles a bit(but smaller obviously). What I want to know is just how big the size is compared to PS4/X1. With slim towers your configurations are way more limited than the larger tower cases. But with this Steam Machine that is not the case as you can upgrade the PSU if you wanted to, even the graphics card. But you still are limited as you can't even use any expansion cards

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This game is really a great game. I found reading all the documents that you collect really helped provide background information and made you become more immersed in it world of TLOU. Will never forget going into the hotel for the first time and falling down into the basement area... shat my pants and ran like a b*tch haha even though I played Silent Hill games before I still ran, ran for my life!

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Einhander would be totally slick. First one was just awesome and tough. Can't believe that a sequel hasn't been released already.

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While TLOU is a great game you just can't compare the two. There were segments in TLOU with a lot of enemies on screen but even then it does not compare to DR3. DR3 has more enemies on screen more so than TLOU. They just can't be compared. With PS4 at least you could compare Killzone games as K2 had really great graphics for its time. It might be the closest comparison as you will get as far as similarities, enemies on screen, and genre go.

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Agreed. That would be so awesome. Those games would be so much fun online. Maybe even Star Fox 64?

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Hope Nintendo figures it out & gets it together. The Virtual Console games brings back memories, Nintendo has the chance to have one of the best catalogs of games ever compiled that is within reach at one location. More games are needed.

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Interesting to see what happens. China has the potential to have the biggest gaming market of all in the world only rivaled by India I would think.

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Or you could say..

"Both services have faults"

Not only did I use the same amount of spacing as you it's also the truth.

But somebody with a name of Xboxfun sure has only one agenda on their mind haha.

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Stop talking like that, you pay for a service & it damn well not have any issues, this is implied to both services for that matter. Now that you have to pay to play online for PS4 I expect no problems & better services... but this goes to show both online services are not perfect. And most likely never will be.

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Have been using a 7970 to mine with but now going to use it to try out some games. Yeah not the best gpu card out there but it's better than nothing.

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I prefer ____ over _____ because I like the games better.

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Thanks for reminding me of Battletoads, totally forgot about that one. I remember the Battletoads and Double Dragon crossover game. Wow that was so long ago. Rare had a lot of awesome games. And a Battletoads for online would be awesome, 3 player co-op would be nice.

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For me it was Donkey Kong, Battletoads(forgot all about it) and Killer Instinct games. Then came Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Awesome games. So in essence I guess I got to see Rareware blossom like a beautiful flower. Goldeneye was much fun and one of the better bond movies as well. So many characters to unlock and then use for multiplayer, games need more skins you choose from for online play now a days. Nintendo and Rareware made a great team, lets see what Rare does with MS with XB1. Alread...

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