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is that stevie wonder driving #3
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is xbox not getting this? #6
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ryse is a bit of a QTE button basher and it wasn,t that great lets be honest.pretty yes boring very quickly its like a role reverse between the ps3 and 360 but the x1 just hasn,t got the hardware its that simple #4
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i don,t know why they bother posting negatives on this game its solid, great fun.take titan fall thats fun as well but how many times have the servers gone down,cheaters ruining it as we speak graphics low spec but lets call it the next great fps because it has titans,mechs were used in killzone #11
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Its ok on the aus servers this is for pc western wants are down #7
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Thats sonys line but lets be honest the ps3 is still getting exclusives when was the last 360 one.x1 will get support no doubt but for how long ps4 owns the multi plats now its all changed #2
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I got the pc rsion lets be honest its not that great it runs better than the x1 but its the same old thing.the grunts are just plain stupid and the titans are a given #2
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Ea got a free pass with titan fall whats all the fuss on this #18
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Its so big japan likes slim not bulk #7
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noobs don,t pa £400 to play one game as a rule,its a big ask when the 360 gets it and pc it can be played on a half decent lap top let alone a big rig #2
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get the pc version for this game,the x1 version has some serious frame rates when theres a lot on screen.the 360 might not be that far off the x1 i kid you not #21
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the 360 will get it and the pc so theres multi options to play it.its not a go out and buy the system as you have alternative options,if ms had it only on x1 that would help £450 for a game and console which can,t hit 1080p the hardcore won,t pay and the casuals don,t play that much online any way.i think ea could of damaged this ip more than they know.ps4 must of sold a total of 6 million by now with ease and japan hasn,t had there launch yet.thats a lot of hardcore there missed #18
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titan fall better not fall you can see why ms closed shop on this one.the ps4 could run this easily at 1080p at 60 frames thats why they bought it.they have lost the resolution and frames war, they didn,t want this happening with all the press on this game.hardcore fans are stats mad 1080p over a 720p cod its a no brainer this is becoming the norm #19
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titan fall is on pc most core players will go with that mostly due to the frame drops on x1 it has big issues when it gets busy in game #4
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50mb min to 150mb with virgin no problem.£38 a month but its worth it #3
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went to pick up mine at launch,gutted im a phase two customer game told me and i ordered this in august. but for a walk in customer i could have the £544.00 bundle.forty mins later back with the extra cash from home sold out.pick up now for me is monday which aint all that bad but game were pushing all those bundles really hard #5
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have they changed the back ground visuals,i swear they were more 3d looking last time i looked,the detail looks more blured #5
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will it have an upgrade on every title that comes out,as it will need to understand every game thats released.just using the game pad will be better repeating your self drives you nuts #1
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A smaller console that things huge and no camera #3
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They did say at the tokyo show it wasn,t as good as e3 may not pluged into the cloud #14
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