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Having this sort of feature out the box is ace. Hopefully we see plenty of app-like things.

I always liked Everybody Votes on the Wii, hoping that makes a comeback.

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Love it haha. May just give Starhawk a go after that :)

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The article mentions the quick save button, there's a whole little bit explaining that 'checkpoints' are not the issue at hand.

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Oh yes, amazing game :D

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I swear, the cutscenes best not be 'improved', the shonky design was one of the best things about the Wii version.

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Cannot wait, this looks like raw, violent fun. Something Gearbox seem to becoming the flagbearer for.

Looking forward to getting my friends together and sawing through swathes of enemies shouting 'Bonjourno'.

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That sub header links to one further down the page - 'It's about why not' to form a quote from Aperture Science founder, Cave Johnson.

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It's the way the environments may stunt the player's creativity with powers that will make or break the game for me.

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@Kazu0 Hirai

In all honesty, how is DICE innovating with BF3? It will be brilliant fun, undoubtedly, and easily the best multiplayer FPS for many years to come, but at the end of the day it's more or less BF2 with an upgraded Frostbite engine, it's brilliant but it's ultimately iteration and nothing really 'new'.

Also have to say I'm surprised you're slamming Duke as an 'arcade console shooter' when it's likely the PC c...

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At no point does the article say Bulletstorm is 'the best' of anything.

Read before posting.

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As the scribe of the article, I get the feeling (as Nick has said) that many of you are mis-interpreting the angle of the piece.

I personally can't wait to play Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Brink, RAGE and all manner of other FPS games this year. However, the article expresses how, in my opinion, Bulletstorm and Duke are the most important releases this year in terms of helping the future of the FPS genre.

Does that mean the best? No. Does it mean that I thin...

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