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"every gamer is a true gamer, deep down inside we all serve 1 master, one king n His name is Gaming."


Legend of Dragoon 2 that would be much better then Shenmue in my opinion. #19.1
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Legend of Dragoon 2? #1.3.1
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LOL nice I traded in about 20 games and my old Fat ps3 with a 320GB harddrive originally had the 40GB, they gave me 200 bucks. but I have a PS3 Super slim or W/E, Walmart was selling them on their anniversary sale with 2 games 500gb HD for 200 bucks so I guess in a way I got a good deal. #6.1.1
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Okay first of all its actually has nothing to do with the peak of each system, it's more to do with the fact that the PS4's unified memory works better for moving information around between the GPU and the CPU. The biggest issue for the Xbox One is the fact that Kinect eats up 2 processor cores and a chunk of ram, now naturally over time that will change for both consoles. Another thing to keep in mind is the eSRAM is the bottle neck for the Xbox One, so just like last generation we w... #1.2.8
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.....I have a AMD FX 8320 which is a 3GHZ 8 core with all the stuff I have in my computer plus a AMD Radeon HD7770 I'm only using 351W of power and 8gb of ram so they could of gone better specs but the cost would of been higher. #24.3
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I've been to cheap meh oh well, I'll stick to my 1TB 7200rpm with 64mb cache harddrive in my computer lol #4.1.4
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that is amazing lol #1.4.1
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okay all of you need to be shot, first off 8gb of gddr5 makes sense considering the gpu and cpu are on the same di so it very possible and can be done relatively cheap #12.3.4
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no Epic came out and said they themselves the rights to gears of war. I'll post a short interview with them about it.

If Epic Games wants Gears of War to be released on the PS3, it has the power to make it happen.

One of the biggest exclusive franchises for the Xbox 360 has been Gears of War, with a third installment expected in September 2011. Contrary to what might be popular belief, Epic Games chooses to keep the popular shooter on Microsoft's cons... #3.2.1
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you missed Canada in your US, Japan and Hong Kong going.....geez #3.1.3
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I will buy one as well once Wind Waker HD comes out that is so hopefully by then they will add a bigger harddrive in it #1.3.2
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I agree with you and there would be no lawsuits considering my ps3 controller works fine on my Asus Transformer android tablet and my 360 controller works fine on my galaxy s3 #1.1.3
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it makes perfect sense look at god of war release about a year before the ps3 release date and the god of war 2 after the ps3 released so big block busters mean nothing on how a game will sell most people will have their ps3's for about 2months to a 1 year after ps4 release #13.1
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No the 360 can do wrong but you are taking it out of proportion because if you look at most sites out there its the opposite but anyways the PS3 UI is smoother in the netflix app compared to the 360. Anyways I use a thing called physical media 90% of the time cause its superior even knowing the fact that I have 50mbs internet speeds! #25.1
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its not about being a fanboy he is right PSN is the place for indies cause of what Sony is offering them so don't say that till you have all your facts straight #3.1.1
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the thing is that you guys don't seem to get is that the wii only sold 90 some odd million units and your saying sony and microsoft can only dream of but if I remember correctly the best selling console of all time was the ps2 which sold roughly 153 million units which is nearly double what the wii sold so sony def knows what its like but look at how well sony did this round terrible but look at how bad nintendo did with the gamecube #1.3.1
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okay I see your point on that but the upgrade from the 4s to the 5 isn't that big aside from a slightly bigger screen and LTE which means even worse battery specially since they used the same 1430mah battery they used in the 4s and yes i'm an android user but I used iphone's for years and i mean i had the orginal, the 3gs and the iphone 4 before i went android so ya #1.3.1
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