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"every gamer is a true gamer, deep down inside we all serve 1 master, one king n His name is Gaming."


Legend of Dragoon 2.....*drool or as the breath of fire goes they should make it in the same fashion that 1 and 2 were made which are by far my favorites in the series. #27.2
Square isn't putting any effort into it they are just the publisher the game is being made by Tri-Ace which is the most exciting thing about this news. :D #20.2
No kidding, kicking myself now for selling my Wii U over a year ago but at the same time the 2 or 3 games that I have missed haven't really made everything all that worth while #5.1
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The cloud would be great the only problem is bandwidth caps in countries like Canada and areas that get very terrible internet, so ya I don't think it will help all that much *sigh but not the end of the world. As long as Microsoft can bring the games that we are all happy and at the end of the day that's what matters......

I miss the good ol' days of JRPG's #1.9.2
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Or a proper sequal to Chrono trigger!!!!!!! #1.7
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Ya I can agree with that....I myself only bring my vita and wouldn't ever think of bringing a full console only cause my camera and equipment weights half a ton.....>.< #8.1.1
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What surprises me is no one has leaked anything about this game that is going to be exclusive and cause tons of rage..... #10.1
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Legend of Dragoon 2 #1.12.1
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He said note 3 and you gave an article on galaxy s series vs iPhone but he doesn't understand and all the benchmarks you put are based on screen color and brightness and the note 3 in Geekbench and 3dmark cake walk iPhone of the same generation #10.2.1
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I agree and for all the people saying in the next decade or so 4k will be common place try again considering they by 2015 or next year they will be able to produce 3d fully coloured holographic images. So 4k in a decade will be old tech by then....just sayin.

If you don't believe me check out this site.

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Ya I'm in the same boat as you lol and this is why you don't sell your old gen console for at least a couple years after the new gen has been out that and with PS+ they just keep giving you games #3.2.1
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I pray to god your joking cause that game was terrible.... #6.2.1
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Okay just to put an end to this all yes Sony was bad in ps3 days and yes Microsoft was worse with xbone and yes Sony forced us on all this high tech stuff but if it wasn't for all that high tech stuff it would mean that it would of been hd tv's and old stuff that we used back then.....We call that pushing the market which leads to innovation in other companies to compete which means we get better tech in the long run #1.8.6
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That is false Xbox still reserves the memory for Kinect even though it's not hooked up....Microsoft has stated this themselves #7.1
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It's already been announced that there would be 100's of games in the ps now library or maybe you missed that..... #1.4.1
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Legend of Dragoon 2 that would be much better then Shenmue in my opinion. #19.1
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Legend of Dragoon 2? #1.3.1
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LOL nice I traded in about 20 games and my old Fat ps3 with a 320GB harddrive originally had the 40GB, they gave me 200 bucks. but I have a PS3 Super slim or W/E, Walmart was selling them on their anniversary sale with 2 games 500gb HD for 200 bucks so I guess in a way I got a good deal. #6.1.1
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Okay first of all its actually has nothing to do with the peak of each system, it's more to do with the fact that the PS4's unified memory works better for moving information around between the GPU and the CPU. The biggest issue for the Xbox One is the fact that Kinect eats up 2 processor cores and a chunk of ram, now naturally over time that will change for both consoles. Another thing to keep in mind is the eSRAM is the bottle neck for the Xbox One, so just like last generation we w... #1.2.8
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.....I have a AMD FX 8320 which is a 3GHZ 8 core with all the stuff I have in my computer plus a AMD Radeon HD7770 I'm only using 351W of power and 8gb of ram so they could of gone better specs but the cost would of been higher. #24.3
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