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Waaaay too far PETA

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The Great Mighty Poo makes me laugh to this day. And is it weird that I still know the words to the DK Rap?

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Hahaha "The admired protagonist’s baby fingers were not a minute detail that I happened to notice, they were more of a hilarious facet that I couldn’t help but notice."

That is hilarious. I guess good graphics will show everything, sorry Master Chief :P

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So now they have: vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, shape shifters, fairies, maenads, witches, AND Ifrit. Am I missing anything?

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My favorite is between FF7 and FF4 Cid.

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You're right, camping and playing sneaky-like are definitely not the same thing.

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That game was awesome! Blast to the past right there.

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I grew up with the N64 too. In fact, pretty much all my ringtones have been old school jams: the diddy kong racing theme, legend of zelda, metal gear exclamation sound, FF7 victory theme etc. Good memories.

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So the video is actually associated with Nintendo. I thought it was fake. Yay for Majora's Mask Wii U! All we need now is for Nintendo to approve it and happiness will ensue.

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