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Worst flaw? How about the fact that I haven't been able to finish a single pvp without getting kicked. If I'm not with friends that I can rejoin I get nothing. 30+ games and I get kicked at least twice a game. For reference I can play a 64 player BF4 match with no problem on both pc and my xbox1. It's just so damn infuriating! #7
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Not that unusual. I have BF4 on PC and Xbox one. Two completely different communities and friends to play with. Personally I buy most everything on PC first and if I have enough friends on Xbox Ill get that version later. I only play multiplayer games with friends and I don't grind for unlocks. It's about the journey, not the destination for me. #1.1.2
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If you have the "choice" in game to do or not to do, then it is a choice and not an agenda. It may be different if this was on PS4 and you got a trophy for it. #47
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I swear I was the only one who played Super Noah's Ark. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. #4.1.1
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Call of God vs Medal of Allah, love to hear those online fights! #1.2
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@ Korix
Catching up to PC hardware is all it needs to do. It could be 50 times more powerful and it be a complete waste when all third party developers do is "move" PC games over to it. This industry is a business and it all comes down to money. It's up to us to show how important hardcore consoles are and not wavy hands casual consoles. #1.1.16
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While I doubt it will be cheaper just remember the 4th Gen Ipod has better specs than the 3DS and starts at $230. The price of the hardware doesn't hurt anywhere near as much than if the games run $50 or even $60, I hate paying $35 for a DS game so $50 is almost out of the question. #1.2.1
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The game would have been worse because Activision would have allocated fewer resources to its production. You take a third rate shooter (this game) and throw money at it and you've got a third rate game with great production values. Not to mention that if a game is multiplat they suport it longer with DLC because you reach a broader user base. Not to mention that you need individual teams handling each "port" so it helps the game industry create jobs. I'm waiting for the day... #65
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Let me save time for anyone who hasn't read the article. "I have no friends and thus play slayer alone, then I throw random nades and kill my teamates and get booted. Also I want to play something different than everyone else so I always loose in the pregame vote. I saw one guy cheat on youtube so the game is broken." Hope I saved someone some time :) #22
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If you need a good dungeon crawler look somewhere else, if you need a great one you've found it. Having played the first 2 there's a few things to note. (1 they are extremely hard, you have little direction and have to produce your own maps. (2 with the amount of freedom you get there isn't much of a story. 3) Never fight a FOE the first time you see one they will kill you and everyone you know. If your looking for a game with near infinite replay value and are used to playing RPG... #2
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Maybe Microsoft will come out and tell people thier holding the console wrong, oh wait wrong device... #1.5
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By far the scariest enemies in a game ever, considering party mambers can DIE! #2
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Don't get ahead of yourself now, this game is being developed by Treyarch :( #1.2
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Do you even own an Xbox? #15.1
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You've got a choice to play another console, so why does it hurt your feelings so much? Sure you could go to the cafeteria and eat cheap, but some people don't mind paying to eat at a restraunt, do you curse their names and tell them the restraunt is ripping them off for charging $7 for a hamburger that they could get for less at the cafeteria? Let people make their own decisions for crying out loud. #1.8.1
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I'd go as far to say it is the best RPG ever, and remember the battle mode? It was like Horde or Firefight for RPG's, why don't more games offer it if a GBA game did back then? #1.3.1
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"Those people who voted 'yes' or either brainwashed, little kids, or stupid." Coming from the person with an iPad for an avatar, your one to be talking about brainwashed. #1.9.1
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"Oh get it from amazon blah blah blah" not everyone shops online, or even trust putting their CC info into their computers." Why not by it from Bestbuy for $30 on sale like I did? And if your afraid to shop online then your stuck in the 90's my friend. Someone steals your credit card # and your protected and get every penny back. I can't tell if your a caveman or a troll... #1.4.1
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@ stuna1
Then after buying a PS3 you realize you can't chat with your friends while playing different games, priceless... Oh wait they're adding that later, well I'll guess we'll have to wait for that just like running 120fps and on dual monitors like they promised... #1.2.8
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@ Posted
Your right about not being able to compare Fear 2 to Killzone 2, Fear is better in every way other than graphics. I mean a fps with an amazing story, I was begining to think it wasn't possible. Even without that you have the atmosphere that goes from scary as hell to adreniline rush in the blink of an eye and then mixes the two! #1.8
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