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I found playing some of these board games was really enjoyable and actually made me like the video games even more!

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Yeah, nothing wrong with it being a yearly release, as long as they keeping making it better and it sounds like they are.

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I hope it's different too, but i would like to see an interesting balance between FPS action and more social, MMO-types of gameplay.

I want space/facebook! SPACEBOOK!

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Yeah, I also worry about how light it sounds. Although, that's not a problem with my PS3 pad. I just don't like change i guess!

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Long live Cood!

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Personally, this has got to be my game of the show. Loved it, much better than the blam-blam sci-fi of Titanfall.

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It's not you, that's exactly what it was.

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Current-gen all the way!

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It doesn't look good, does it?

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I think this is a big mistake. Dark Souls 2 will look really dated next to the next-gen games we are about to see revealed at Microsoft's event tonight.

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I think he means potential ones and not just ones currently in development.

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I know, right? We all know the next-gen is going to be amazing, stop trying to convince us you game coming out on current consoles will even be able to compete. Still, Castlevania looks good, though.

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It would definitely be interesting to see a Fable MMO. To be honest, just another Fable that doesn't use Kinect would be a step in the right direction.

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Yeah, I totally agree with this. It's just another rumour in a sea of rumours. There's nothing to say this is official or even likely, even if it's not the worst name in the world.

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I just want a console that plays games, thanks.

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Can't you have quality and quantity? I know you can argue that we haven't really had it yet, but surely when a game gets the balance right it will be the most powerful game ever created?!

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I do hope we at least get to see the thing this time and not just the controller. Sony's event was exciting, but not seeing the machine itself was a huge mistake.

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It would be awesome, but they've made these sorts of promises before (not Eidos Montreal), but I distinctly remember someone saying this about the PS2.

Or was that just that loading would be greatly diminished?

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But what will they be... WHAT!!!!!!???????

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I hope it is. That would be frigging awesome. Bring on the next-gen!

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