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That's what she said! But seriously...game is looking like a must own, can't wait! #12.2.1
The PGR series was my favorite racing series untill this came out....I love this game! #5
Seemes like they're worth checking out. #1
I'm still trying to figure out how it works! #7
In 1985, playing mario and duck hunt for hours on end. #6
I love that! #1.3.8
Only (possible) on Playstation! #7
Hope this patch addresses trophy/nostradamus enigma glitches! #4
Been saying it for years,now everything is coming to fruition. #1.6
Man,I as well as most, people preordered this on the ps store as soon as it was available. ÷×%@ the haters! #1.24
Good to know......smh. #12
20 years man! #7
I love my ps4 but imo the best console ever is between the sega genesis and the snes. #1.5
Nasty! #4
They also need to figure out why some trophies are not unlocking,this is really becoming an annoyance. #7
Here we go! #4
My transfer worked for the ps4, actually I'm still in awe that everything went as smooth as it did. I was on the fence about getting this but now I'm glad I did. #5
Having a blast with this game. This and AC 2 are now my favorite in the series. #1
My master architect trophy wont unlock for AC:U on ps4. #3.1.3
"We Roll Deep" by The Conscious Daughters...rockstar went back and found a classic! #2
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