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those games had third party support, there is a difference

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sorry dude, but you need to take of your fanboy googles. Nintendo only has a handful retail games for wii U this year(not including eshop indie games)It needs third party games, to fill the gap of empty months with no releases

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Yeah, it would be a bad move and a nail in the coffin.
Nintendo needs great third party support, and needs to build a console that is strong enough to run games from the third party publishers.

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really? A bunch of No-name sites in favor of all the big ones? Dude seriously?

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Sony>Microsoft>nintendo, seems about right

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Still not sure about this game, but we'll see

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new characters with cameo by Ellie please

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ps4 is still ahead in NPD numbers

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"mostly multiplats" stopped reading there

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Last gen it was USA=world, in favor of Microsoft
This gen its "Only Holidays count for games" in favor of Microsoft. Gaming Journalism never cease to amaze me lol

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Splitscreen is a staple in the Halo Franchise, you obviously aren't a Halo fan, if you say bullshit like that

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yup halo forza gears a great new exclusive games... oh wait

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its aussiegamer1, don't take his comments seriously

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Too early to say. It could be a huge success for Nintendo, if they play their cards right

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Well I had fun with Destiny. Gameplay-wise, it was still amazing

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it doesnt have more games. Microsoft hasnt even released games this year(expect Ori and the blind forest) until now

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and thank god for that, much better console now

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343i is not Bungie(not at all). It blows my mind when people say that Halo 5 will walk all over Uncharted 4

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@AussieGamer1 lol thanx for the laugh.

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wtf? Violence is essential in a Doom game

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