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agreed, its simply too good :D

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developers just can't win these days :/
They get slammed for too much new content and not too much new content

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its a papercraft platformer

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I can see why some people may think that it will never be better than the original(Who can you blame anyway other than good game design? Tearaway was simply too good with the vita capabilities, its hard to imagine it having the same magic on another platform)His complaint is basically there is too much new2 stuff and the charm of the original isnt there in this version.
People should be too much focused on one guys opinion and check all the other 10s and 9 scores its getting.

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People shouldn't focus so much on the IGN review, its getting nothing but rave reviews otherwise. Media Molecule has yet again proven why they're one of the Top Tiers in the indrustry along Nintendo, Kojima and Naughty Dog

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Nice Review :D

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I dont agree with the score. the first gears of war is one of the best TPS games ever made

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yet ps4 has one of the highest rated games of the generation already. Yup "beyond weak"

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bunch of halo games doesnt make it an "extremely varied" line-up

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Tidux is not an insider, he teased a playstation exclusive game for E3 which started with a P... which turned out to be nothing. Not sure why people still fall for his lies

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hype doesnt sell you 25 mio units, wtf? Why are so called games journalists still salty about playstation success? Its really baffling to me

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since when is forza a huge seller?

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damn, sumo digital literally killed LBP3 with bugs, dont know how I feel about this

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yup the lineup looks great

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will you make another article when MS skips Tokyo Game Show? Just curious

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the ps4 had games this year, what games did you play on xbone up until now? Your comment doesnt make sense at all. Also how do you have 5 bubble limit already, when you just created your account 5 days ago? Damn N4G is really incredibly flawed sometimes :/

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nah, I really doubt it

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The age of Sony is done /s

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"Game looks great the ps4 would melt trying to run this game hell it already melts trying to run a simple game"


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Scalebound looks fu*king amazing

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