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great numbers for ps4. also Splatoon still killin' it

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i would love that

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it is unavoidable now, since Disney has announced to invest in VR cinema

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"Project Spark is more ambitious than LittleBigPlanet2
no, PS is a rip off of littlebigplanet, how is it more ambitious? Not to mention the sneeky paywall, to even have decent tools at all. PS is drag and drop, Littlebigplanet has actual building weapons, variety of materials(characters, level assets etc)

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ign's player is still horrible *sigh*

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Not sure about best, but its one of their better line-ups

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i think he means halo releases in genereal
Halo combat evolved anniversary 2011
Halo4 2012
Halo Spartan assault 2013
Halo Master Chief collection 2014
Halo 5 2015

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yup lets decide if its worth before the game has even shipped dont we :D /s

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no you wouldn't, you're the worst nintendo fanboy on this site :/ . *sigh* its fanboys like you that make us nintendo fans look bad, with how much you troll other companies products

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How they treat one of the greatest Minds of this Industry is
really sad and buffling for me

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did Sony kill your cat or something? All your comments are how "Evil" or "Weak" sony is :/

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Wow amazing score. Can't wait to dive into this

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agreed, its simply too good :D

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developers just can't win these days :/
They get slammed for too much new content and not too much new content

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its a papercraft platformer

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I can see why some people may think that it will never be better than the original(Who can you blame anyway other than good game design? Tearaway was simply too good with the vita capabilities, its hard to imagine it having the same magic on another platform)His complaint is basically there is too much new2 stuff and the charm of the original isnt there in this version.
People should be too much focused on one guys opinion and check all the other 10s and 9 scores its getting.

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People shouldn't focus so much on the IGN review, its getting nothing but rave reviews otherwise. Media Molecule has yet again proven why they're one of the Top Tiers in the indrustry along Nintendo, Kojima and Naughty Dog

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Nice Review :D

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I dont agree with the score. the first gears of war is one of the best TPS games ever made

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