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Sony.... doomed since 2006 /s

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ign america complaint was basically too much action lol

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fantastic video

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Oh boy

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nothing plays like uncharted(yeah you have the tomb raider reboot, but thats it) how is it generic then?

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Says no spoilers but shows location spoilers anyway. WTF?

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yeah N4G seriously needs to consider their approval of articles :/ or at least make quality checks

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lol at quantum break being a better game

edit: Never mind, just checked your post history

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Ratchet is back guys :O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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reviews dropping earlier =/= illegitimate

by that logic the first halo 5 review, resident evil 6 review and bunch of other first reviews were illegitimate

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should be a no brainer

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that would be like naughty dog adding the ps4 console hardware bundle prices, to inflate uncharted 4 sales in revenue

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Halo 4 PR
In a year when Hollywood is rolling out its biggest blockbusters, one video game has eclipsed them all. "“Halo 4” is on track to reach $300 million in global sales in the first week, making it the biggest “Halo” launch in history

compared to Halo 5 pr

"One week after launching worldwide, Halo 5: Guardians has ...

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thats not 5-6 mio halo 5 games sold. They include all the hardware, microtransactions, controllers etc.
It might have sold 2 mio at best( if we judge it just by "games" alone, not hardware included

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they didnt mention sales numbers for halo 5, instead they include the revenue from the $500 from the halo hardware bundles in those $400 mio dollars revenue

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This is a A grade spin.
"Halo 5 hardware" so they include whole bundle prices of $500 in those $400 mio? This is really deceptive MS, even for your standards :/

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trust me, the lbp community is so talented, they will definitely create super mario 64 and crash bandicoot levels

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lol @ "spin off multiplayer"

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a wild zhugex appears :D. I know you from neogaf

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its getting solid reviews else were. I just think that people expected a better MC score, because 343i was hyping the story a tad bit much

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