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Are people really making a big deal of it now?
Honestly I was expecting sometime worse.

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you obviously haven't played tearaway then. Tearaway is probably better than all those "great" AAA games you're mentioning

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tearaway on vita was released during the xbone launch, and it wasn't marketed as a system seller anyway.
It never had big chances to sell well, due to the Vita condition but its a different story for the PS4. PS4 is selling like hotcakes, and there is a huge chance that tearaway will shine this time

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That article is from CCC not n4g. How could've N4g written the article, when it is linked to a different website?

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It actually doesnt really matter if you're second or first, as long as the market is healthy and demand for consoles continues to be big. Oh not to forget the games each company will provide in the end. Competition moves the industry

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"sees crying foetus in bathroom" nope.nope.nope

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SSBM, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime and Mario Sunshine

(Is it bad that I loved Star Fox Adevntures/Assault, and would like to include them as well?)

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yup, along with SSBM and Wind Waker probably the best GC games available

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If he counts Titanfall xbox exclusive( a game you can play on your old xbox 360)you sure as well can count the Remastered version of TLOU as playstation exclusive. The author ignores the fact that you can buy Titanfall on old hardware,
making it look like Titanfall is a Xbox one exclusive

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First: Titanfall isn't a next gen game, it's on old gen as well.

Second: TLOU Remastered can be sure compared to the Halo Bundle. By your own logic, the Halo bundle would have a couple of "old" games too(If you ignore that those games are remastered for the new Generation

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"In fact, one could argue that Titanfall is the best exclusive piece of next-gen software to date (going by its Metascore), and it’s on the Xbox One side. And yes, we’re aware the game is available on Xbox 360 and PC"
Wrong, The Last of Us is the highest rated next-gen piece.
If he counts Titanfall as Xbox exclusive, then we could as well count TLOU then.
Both Nextgen console are yet to have exclusive heavy hitters.
I have no idea why people say that ...

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nope. The core gameplay in TLOU is "tighter" than GTAV
The world in GTAV is more a life though

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He is a great Zelda fan and has starred in many Zelda commercials. Hell he even named his daughter after the Princess Zelda

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What the f*ck are you talking about? Robin Williams was a great Zelda fan, so it would've been an honor to him, to have a Zelda character named after him
Also depression is a shitty disease not to f*ck around with
I've lost relatives due to depression. You can't blame the victim in this case

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It was miles better than GTA IV and a great game on its own, but still not as good as the Critics say it is. The world still felt empty at times, and the gunplay could've been better. They should have just copied Red Dead Redemptions gunplay. Also for the sake of gaming, less escort missions please. You have such a huge open world that is unnecessarily
filled with escort missions :(. The Variety in missions was a huge improvement, but even more variety to take advantage of the vas...

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UC will probably be the better game, never underestimate the gods

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there is actually nothing wrong with it, when a game makes someone to buy a console. That's why the term "Systemseller" exist

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MM is working on 2 projects

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@battleaxe if you want to be taken seriously, you should come with something better than "cool story bro"

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lol wut? You should provide some facts bro

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