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I doubt its third party exclusive, but we'll see.

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oh sorry you mean yours. I thought you said that it was the most hyped fall game overall

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Halo master chief isnt a rehash? You must be on some drugs bro, and your post history indicates it

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you must be blind then

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what hype?

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funny how the singleplayer campaign are more creative than many games combined. The level design and ideas packed into one single level in lbp are more than entire games could bring up, so I have no idea what you mean, when you say that the "Devs should be the creative ones". The devs are creative, its just that they let the players be creative as well :/

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holy shit @ dat sackboy in 3d platforming level :O

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lol didn't they sell the " Ryse only possible on xbox because of the "Cloud" crap? Just suddenly they're open to ps4 just because its selling so well

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"its actually fun" when you have money to unlock the best tools that are hidden behind a paywall sadly. If not all the games looks the same like Fable or something

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no way the xbox one is at 6 million sold.

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agree, although i still think that Destiny wasn't as bad as critics say it is

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man all the great games releasing ;_;... feels good man

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Michael patcher seriously. The official statement from Sony is that monthly sales are at an alltime high, since December 2013. Destiny has sold many PS4's, white and black version

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wow I can't believe that Ninty might have two goty-worthy games this fall :O

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I think I have never seen a perfect 10 from gamescom for a decade now

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how is a 10 overrated when you haven't played the game yet? Also lol @ the stealth portbegging

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o_O ..


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Goty confirmed might will definitely get this

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As long as the game plays good, I don't care

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He looks as usual to me, don't get the "too old" comments tbh. He shouldn't look like a young teenager either. Aging is quite normal to humans you know

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