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He looks as usual to me, don't get the "too old" comments tbh. He shouldn't look like a young teenager either. Aging is quite normal to humans you know

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wow that guy cant be serious

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Games with timeless gameplay released last gen
Portal&Portal 2
Super Mario Galaxy( with Super Mario Galaxy 2 being the best 3d platformer ever created)
Gears of War(started a trend, after the resident evil 4, with cover shooters)
Uncharted(Seriously remeber all the "E3 everything was uncharted memes?" developers followed the gameplay style alot since then. Re6, hitman, splinter cell etc.)
Batman Arkham series(yup many games now have a simi...

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I've learned to never trust Vgchartz regarding but still,the
sales numbers for Ps4 could be slightly accurate

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oh boy!!!! Banjo and Conker here we come :O

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nope. the gameplay might be better for cover shooting, but uncharted isn't a cover shooter. Uncharted mixes platforming, exploration, puzzle solving and third person shooting. The gameplay in uncharted has more variety than Gears of War. There aren't many games that play like uncharted(expect the latest Tomb Raider game)Sure gears has better cover shooting and tighter gunplay, but I want more variety in my games than shooting aliens and monsters

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Yeah a game series with pretty much 90+ plus metacritic average is under delivering troll.
Do some research first, if you want to bash a critically acclaimed series

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hopefully a new IP

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so every platformer that has jumping in it is a mario rip off now? According to the writers logic, thats the way it goes

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so good. Nintendo I want this

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Fine, I'm not

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wtf are you talking about? Super Mario galaxys level design and gameplay was ahead of its time when it released

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lol @ the disagrees you can't argue with facts lbp oct 2008 may 2009

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littlebigplanet had crafting way before minecraft

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Well still have many great "mature" games like cod or something

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lol story quality wtf

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incredible picture lol

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reminds me of my first time trying mario 64 at a store. Got motion sick, but still one of the best gaming experience of my life. My kid mind was truely blown

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Don't forget Shinra

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lol @ "Shinra" and "Cloud", nice Final Fantasy references

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