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If the ps4 stops selling all together for some months, then sure but it won't happen. There will always be a gap in sales and ps4 has almost sold zhe triple amount of Xbox one consoles worldwide. Xboxwould have to sell 3 mio units this Christmas and the ps4 0 units, to even have a chance of outselling ( which is still not enough if you know basic maths)

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it has already sold more than 10 mio units and has almost tripled the xbone worldwide now, of course it has already won. Sales won't slow down or stop either, cause thats the only way M$ can still win.

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I will bookmark this comment and send you a message after Christmas, to let you know how deluded you're sounding

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Sony is in trouble, even if the sales are almost 3:1 worldwide in favor for Sony? I don't get this article

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Dear Sucker Punch, I hope you work on a new IP.

Yours sincerely


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scariest zelda game, also the most challenging due to the days limit

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Hoping for a new IP by Rare, Banjo, Conker and more action adventure games

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Sounds like every first year in games, so I have no idea why its all flash. Its called Greatness Awaits for a reason, not Greatness is already upon us

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Wow so many!!!! The recent one was Dragon Quest 8 for ps2,
I literally screamed "I dont want it to end" even after playing it for 70 hours

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yeah I also agree with the annoying " everything needs to be "Open World" mentality from Critics, that started this gen :/. There is no reason to downplay a tightly focused game, just because its not open world. Oh and btw they better not request ND to turn the next Uncharted into Open World as well, it would piss me so off, If I read such a headline during the previews. Leave that crap out of my games seriously

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I have nothing against it since some Open World games get the pacing and the perfect amount of Side content right(Zelda, Gravity Rush, Shenmue, Witcher series, Batman Arkham series). But my main gripe with Open World games in general is that missions are dragged on and on with repetitive escort mission :/. There is a lack of focus and often the controls in them aren't good either(GTAIV major offender). I would gladly take tightly paced singleplayer campaign(ala TLOU, Uncharted 2, Bioshock...

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yeah this ^^ :/. Also the lack of focus and over reliance on boring mundane Escort Mission as Sidequests

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the controls have been tweaked ;), also you have this badass over here

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funny thing is that Project Spark can't even do proper 2d sidecrollers. You don't even really "create" in PJ, just drag and drop assets on your island. You could never "create" this in project spark

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Project Spark doesnt do anything LBP3 does. Project spark can't even do proper 2d games, not sure what you're talking about. Also you got exposed by GribbleGrunger, who is in the Beta and a known LBP games creator

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people seem to overrate "open world" too much. Why can't I enjoy my tight Singleplayer Campaigns?

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what good ones? He has bashed TLOU, Bioshock, Zelda games, Super Mario Galaxy, LBP, Batman Arkham etc. I can't name any positive review from him.

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does Zero Punctuation even like Videogames?

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whats up with the hyperbole from Journalists regarding the Xbox one? Just because the Xbox has one good year with Exclusive, its over for Sony? Yet they ignore all the years when Sony dominated in the exclusive front. The MS pro- bias from Gaming Journalists is baffling

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1-upping in what? Sunset Overdrive seems like a great game, but why is he doubting Sony to release high quality Exclusives over time? After all those years you would've thought that Gaming Journalists would learn :/.
Delivering Great exclusive first party games was always Sony
least problem, in the years of playstation history.
Saying that Sony needs twice as much as Exclusives as MS is just silly, since Sony has always delivered in the exclusive front. You can'...

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