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dude its obvious that you're a bias fanboy. Look I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but your stupid articles like
"WiiU has the best library of games this generation" makes you look like a desperate fanboy. WiiU doesnt have the best library, which is fact. It doesnt have the most important third party games , to even be justified to have that so called status.
As a Wii U owner I had to wait months upon months to finally have other decent WiiU games. Thankfully that I...

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you think quantum break is a masterpiece, and the game fails at many levels, be it narrative or as game design.
People should take your opinion as a huge grain of salt

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I love hip hop music, but the rap song felt out of place in a Assassins Creed movie trailer

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yup, its not xbox, of course you wont like what you see -_-

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the strange thing, how can a puzzle in Uncharted frustrate him, when its even worse in Dark Souls 3? DS3 gave you even less hints to go and where not to go.

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A person who ends its review with "quite possibly the most overrated game ever made" is probably someone who saw all the perfect scores the game got, and played the game with giving it a bad score in mind in the first place .
He just wants to start a flame war, with unprofessional bullshit like that. He is basically saying that 97% of other reviewers who gave the game high score are wrong, and he is right in giving it a 6/10.
He sounds like those xbox fanboys who s...

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pre- uncharted 4 " Uncharted sucks, its a corridor shooter and too linear"
post uncharted 4 " Uncharted is too open, it doesnt need open level design, it sucks"
Shitty journalism in a nutshell

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pretty much
I made comparison, cause people hyped it up to be a Halo Killer.
Some people in forums said that Quantum Break could be better than Uncharted

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Just as pointless as comparing Haze to Halo

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From the same troll who gave us these gems Ladies and Gentlemen
"Dark souls 2 is the worst game ever made."
or "WiiU is the best console for third party games"(love the Wii U, but this simply isn't true)

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yeah seriously

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Remove this dude

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Why do you spoil it here? Story wtf

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Colin moriarty said it was too open, stop making stuff up

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Sony.... doomed since 2006 /s

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ign america complaint was basically too much action lol

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fantastic video

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Oh boy

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nothing plays like uncharted(yeah you have the tomb raider reboot, but thats it) how is it generic then?

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Says no spoilers but shows location spoilers anyway. WTF?

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