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well to be fair, Sumo Digital is a great developer, but they're no Media Molecule. MM has a completely different dev strategy and their games are mostly really polished and without bugs

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too harsh :/ the main complaints seem to be game bugs and more of the same apparently. Lol @ reviewers docking points for not being developed by media molecule. MM has already moved on from the franchise, people need to accept it

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Lbp is bigger than far cry l, hell lbp is the biggest game except gta v. Assassin creed is a hit&miss franchise

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invitable reaction lol

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why? for saying the truth? Those are shipped numbers, not sold

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whats up with ignorance from the media? those numbers are shipped not sold

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giantbomb doesn't use the 5-star rating anymore?

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amazing level design 8)

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Nice it's good to see that MS isnt wasting Rare talent for crappy kinect games :D

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Disagree trolls are pretty common on n4g :/

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Will definitely be one of the highest rated games this year B-)
Can't wait for it and smash bros

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Yeah same here :-D ssb wiiu and lbp3 are the best games for me this holiday season

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Only someone with a insane mind would compare mario maker to lbp. Mario maker can't do what lbp does. Also lol at Rayman better design than Lbp. LBP has one of the best level design and variety ever in a 2d platfomer. Rayman is good but doesn't come close to lbp2 crazy variety in its levels. It shows that you have no clue what LBP capable off, when you bring unity 3d in yiur argument.
Also fail at comparing dev tool to a game,
Lol give me a break troll

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Media Molecule is one of the few studios who think outside of a box, so there is still hope that many devs follow suit this generation

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he says there are also new changes of settings, which means new places to explore

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also artstyle full of color instead of just brown.
Gotta give kudos for Ninty and MS for letting Sunset Overdrive happen. More devs should follow suit.

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looks like so much fun. Reminds me of the glorious couch co-op days of the gamecube era.

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If the ps4 stops selling all together for some months, then sure but it won't happen. There will always be a gap in sales and ps4 has almost sold zhe triple amount of Xbox one consoles worldwide. Xboxwould have to sell 3 mio units this Christmas and the ps4 0 units, to even have a chance of outselling ( which is still not enough if you know basic maths)

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