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must be badass playing all those mature games where you slaughter people bro

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And now in 60fps o_O Oh boy the controls are going to be so smooth.

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Tearaway is 1080p 60fps on ps4 and don't worry lbp3 wasn't made by media molecule. Mm always pushes the limit of the console its developing on.
Also not sure why you got so many disagrees :/ your comment was very reasonable and its true that platfomer will benefit from 60fps due to fluid movements

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Nintendo is right though tbh. Wiiu has the best current library of games, but better games for ps4/xbone will eventually come

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I like how everyone acts like MS invented a camera for its console, when it's a device that was clearly "inspired " by the eyetoy camera.
Motion sensoring and movement scanning was done by the eyetoy during the ps2 era. Hell you even had eyetoy sports. Sure kinect has more functions, but it is expected when you rip most of its features from your competitors device. Also the Playstation Camera is a logical evolution of the eyetoy camera. Lets not act like Sony is "co...

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eyetoy had those features befoee kinect idiot, get your facts straight

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hell no, its the bugs which bring the game down. Its not developed by Media Molecule either and its shows, it really lacks the Media Molecule polish. MM never releases buggy games

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more like a rumor

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ps4 sold thorugh 10 mio units in august already, the xbone hasn't even cracked 10 mio units now.
Also where do you get that 14 mio numbers from. I've watched the playstation event and there wasn't any hints of current sales numbers. Speaking of tales from the ass

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its like the author ignoring the fact that ps4 is still selling and not slowing down. Also lol just because the xbone won in Nov, all of a sudden it will overtake the ps4 worldwide in 2015? This topic doesnt even make sense at all, if you know basic maths

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congrats microsoft, its about time imo. Lets hope this will push sony to real more first party games and take things a bit more serious. I have no idea how they could handle LBP like that, like there wasnt even quality testing or something. Full of bugs, which is sad cause the game is otherwise incredible.

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"xbox is the fighting game community console" what?

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Its a clever trick by media molecule, it isn't using the Playstation camera but instead it's relying on motion controls

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Your posts are completely ass.

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one of the best games of the current generation, I really loved and showed that Insomniac can still create great games.
Haters gonna hate

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so much better its not even funny :/
Actual good gameplay, great exploration and good shooter controls. Also exploring western themed world is better than the modern world of gta

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i disagree. RDR actually had good gunplay and controls

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Could easily be a 10/10, I will play this game for years

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Lol I get that reference, IGN is such a joke nowadays

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man those captain toad numbers really hurt my feeling :(

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