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so good. MS should buy Moon Studios

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no man sky is exlusive to playstation platforms. It is already been known

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What touch screen?

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@andibandit i call bullshit on that, Eve valkyrie is already confirmed for morpheus, that guy is full of shit hell it was ported from oculus even :S

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he is a troll, look at his bubbles. There is no point talking sense into him

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MS copied eyetoy
ms tried to copy lbp
hell ms basicyll copied sonys marketing strategy after the xbox one failed

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is he really a developer or some random hater/fanboy that praises oculus and downplays morpheus. "Devs have better things to do than develope for Morpheus" sounds sketchy to me.
Also "we are already pushing consoles to their limit" which "big developer is this? The Order proves that they haven't pushed the console to their limits, yet

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sunset overdrive will probably stay on microsoft consoles(pc release? idk)

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not sure how i feel about this, why would ms kill potential xbox one sales?

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is ign collaborating with gameinformer now?

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"everyone's entitled to an opinion, right?
Yet you say that its lack of exclusive, instead of mabye they like the game? The amount of hypocrisy is staggering

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super mario 64
ratchet and clank
Zelda Twilight princess
Super mario galaxy
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver
Dragon Quest 8
Super Mario World
Prince of Persia Warrior Within
God of War II
Super Smash Bros Melee

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wow will definitely, wanted to revisit the DB universe for years now :D

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"sony's 1st party has been lame"
Wrong the console with the highest rated games on Metacritic last generation(if you don't count wii)
Xbox 360 was basically the halogearsforza box. Xbots shouldn't call the competition "lame" in that case

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Since when did Second Son "ruin" the Infamous franchise? Also is it hard to grasp that people have opinions?

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littlebigplanet is a sony Ip not media molecule ip
Also Sony Santa Monica didnt help develop the game

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Gears of War 79
Halo 4 87
Forza 5 79
Fable the journey 64

We can do the same, what a hypocrite article

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i guess they're mostly good now https://timedotcom.files.wo...

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he should make a platformer with the bear mascot instead

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where are the MS games? People always talk about Playstation Exclusive, while Microsoft has nothing to offer the first half of 2015. I don't get this
MS bias from Gaming Journalists

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