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since when is syphone filter mediocre? did I miss something or what?

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oh the salty fanboys will :)

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you can't be salty at all. Sony greenlit and helped developing the game. Sony Japan Studios x From software collab

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Sunset Overdrive
Bayonetta 2
Super Mario 3D world
Suuuuupeeeeer Smaaaash bros

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good.. goood... let dat salt flow through you
Days ago you were bashing Sony for not having games lol. Now its the Highest rated exclusive between those two consoles. Stay mad xbronie

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I hope Gaming Journalists and Xbox Fanboys will shut the hell up now, about PS4 not having games :/. Things got extremely tiring already

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Its the truth though. PS4 and xbox one were basically even in games and quality exclusives, yet Indie games dont count for ps4. But it didnt matter anymore when Ori was getting amazing scores for Xbox one.There is trolling, and then there is repeating(sarcastically)ridicu lous statements from fanboys

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no the xbox and ps4 were even on exclusive games, for some reason indie games didnt count at all.
Yet when Ori was getting great scores, it suddenly dont matter anymore if its indie or not.
Don't be salty just because I'm telling the truth what fanboys has been saying for months now

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but...but I thought PS4 has no games? Thats what Xbox fanboys keep telling me :/

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Remasters!!!! Remasters everywhere!!!!

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he is not reviewing it though

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one of the all time greats for sure

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dragon quest 8

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this is some rare ps4, should've sold it for $1500

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Can't wait for E3, I bet that both will show great AAA games

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Wow 40 hours? I Guess we all should cancel our preorders now

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what makes the game a 3/10?

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gamespot score is 4/10 not 5

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and gran turismo not uncharted

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its kinda amazing how Don Mattrick has tarnished the xbox brand. I like Phil Spencers game focus

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