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What makes you think that AR will be the bigger technology? In VR you're immersed in basically new areas and AR is very limited to the space you have, even more than VR. How can AR be bigger then?

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skyrim legendary lol

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It would only make sense to bring it to playstation platforms, cause its playstation fans that made the game popular, and those demanded a HD version for ps3

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seriously one of the dumbest in your face to fans,decision in quite some time. I can't believe this shit

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way to piss of playstation fans square enix, seriously <_<
I like my 3ds, but Dragon Quest VIII never had a history with non playstation platforms. You had one job to bring a HD for PS4(formerly ps3)*sigh*

edit: @animegamingnerd I know, but i don't consider smartphones game devices

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We had Tearaway recently

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*sigh* (<_<)

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So you want dark and gritty platformers? How is too Cartoony an issue? I'd rather prefer platformers with a cartoony artstyle

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the original devs behinf the banjo games are developing this, I don't see how the current rare will make a better game. It will be great, for sure

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Can't wait for e3, hoping for the last guardian

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whats with kojima fans and conspiracy theories?

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It's save to say R.I.P Konami(1986-2015)

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E3 will be great, I can feel it

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who? How is this news worthy?

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it will still be better than the majority of the games released this year

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sony owns it cause they bought the wipeout dev and all their IPs as well

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naughty dog doesnt have mediocre teams, not sure where this bullshit is coming from

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co developed by Sony Santa Monica, not happening

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