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" Were they really putting time into this while working on Uncharted 4" Bluepoint games is working on this. At least get your facts right. ND delayed it, to develop a great masterpiece. There is no need to rush games, I mean look at the master chief collection

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yup! makes the most sense

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why spend $1000 on a console(pc) when you can build one under that price?

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those prices are ridiculos. Smart hardcore pc gamers know how to build a great pc under $1000

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lol nope
combo breaker:

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fantastic :D!!! Nice to see new IPs sell well

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the problem is, that how does he know that until dawn will be Sonys second biggest game at E3 2015?

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we dont even know what games sony will show at e3, so why make this article?

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why not both? ND doesn't halfass SP campaigns

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nobody did free flow combat before the arkham games. Tell me which ps2 or gamecube games did the combat.

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ms barely won the may npd to not sure why writing this article like that

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only games in the holidays count now apparently :(

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tales from my ass: the post

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the xbox is failing against playstation every month worldwide. The gap is bigger than 10 mio units already. There is no "reclaimning" of a console crown.(which MS never even had)

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#facepalmed hard at this article

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what's with the spamming?

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the most generic complain I hate, is Gamers calling developers lazy. Son you have no Idea :(

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Okay,I see

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how is it nostalgic when it hasn't been released yet?

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