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The middling scores took me completely off guard. Welp will still buy since I love Classic Rare and it's platformers

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This isn't journalism, this is a xbox fanboy. His criticism isnt consistent. He wants more tv sections in quantum break that aren't even playable, yet he complains about uncharted taking control away from him. His excuse is laughable "you can skip tv sections in quantum break"...... you can do the same in uncharted :/
This is abuse of power from fanboys.
To lower the metascore for uncharted with his uneven criticism for two different, just because the ot...

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Dude stop. Quantum Break isnt even close to uncharted 4 gameplay or narrative wise. You're biased as hell.
The negative for uncharted are positives for quantum break in your review. You wanted more tv sections, yet you complain that uncharted takes control away from you.... what? Atleast be consistent with your criticism in games. Also your tomb raider review has uncharted negative as positive as well. Climbing and shooting :/

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Yeah games with 95 and 91 metascores are a mess :/. Tell that to the success, acclaim and fandom the games have received

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No games until october(gears), while playstation fans have alienation, valkyrie chronicals, ratchet and clank, uncharted 4, mlb the show, no man sky next month. etc
The Xbox One drought is real, no matter how you spin the fact

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Ok this made me laugh out loud.
Holy shit

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Hah Drake making it Rain

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Shipped not sold. It sold 1.1 million first week and NPD was 700k for the month.
This one for U4 is sold, as in actual units sold

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It has outsold Halo 5 first week though

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I already has in sales and metacritic reception though.
Halo 5 META 84 1.5 million first week
Uncharted 4 Meta 94 2.7 million first week .....

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indeed. Halo 5 was 1.5 mill. The others where much much less, it could be true

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outsold Halo 5 first week

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The review was crap anyway, just like the washington post review. Let them do what they want

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maybe you should stick top your own advice :/
if this article was about Nintendo, you would be singing different tunes :/

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I really hope for the best he doesnt actually write Reviews for big outlets. He is pretty much all pro Nintendo and anti everything. The industry needs actual good Journalists, not Fanboys with their Bias. Its Arthur Gies all over again :/

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the problems with the article:

1. Why single out Uncharted, when most games are inspired by older games? What if I told you that for example Super Mario 3D land was inspired by crash bandicoot, level design wise? What if I told you that Mario spin attack was also inspired by crash bandicoot? The 2D level design in 3d environment was probably invented by crash bandicoot. Where is your acticle for SM3DL/SM3DW then?

2.Just because games have been inspired by...

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All your articles are mostly Pro-Nintendo and mostly anti other publishers. I think you should re-think your decision of being a Journalist. Your bias towards things is very apparent

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Why dont you call out 95% of other games in todays markets, that were inspired by other games? Why single out uncharted?

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the strange thing, there arent completely original games anymore. Many games these days have clear inspirations, so why call out Uncharted out of all those games?

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