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You need to brush up on want the definition of a remake is.

It gives squares full creative freedom to change things as they please. That includes the battle system btw.

Which I'm 100% behind. #8.2
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Change the battle system.....There are more people looking forward to this than just the original fans that refuse to get out of there traditional ways.

Idk even know why I'm commenting, I know Nomura is going to do the right thing and make this a ARPG. You guys better either jump of the hype train or get on now. #22
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Don't listen to these asses. Your opinion is just as valid as theirs, your 60$ is just as important as there money regardless if they want to accept that or not.

I played FF7 day one and 100% agree with your opinion #12.4
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Final fantasy 15 had Story changes happened because the technology got better, and partially due to the fact that Tabata took over as director. #4.1.2
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it was a very underwhelming trailer. i expected more, but i guess its all for the best, dont want to get spoiled. #4
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Jesus Christ your a troll, totally missed my whole point, There's no use explaining anything to you. #4.1.4
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This is CaspuR btw

First of all I have and always will speak for myself and myself only, you should do the same. If you want turn based in the game fine, just dont hide behind "the millions of people" out there that want it turn based also, Thats like the weakest thing you can do.Defend turn based of your own reasoning not by the numbers game. Secondly this isn't a court where you can get off on finding a loop-hole or inconsistency in a statement, YES action gam... #4.1.2
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My original comment was never meant to be taken as anything more than me stating the flaws of using the word best when in actuality you mean your most cherished or favorite (insert whatever here) ever. Im just the type of person that hates when "absolute" words or phrases are used in a discussion when the topic is obviously debatable. Im the same way when it comes to sports, ill never use the phrase " X player is the best player to ever play the game" because its a statem... #3.2.1
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Really, thats all you can come out with? Instead of admitting your wrong for calling out a guy WRONGFULLY, you instead attack others for calling you out on it by telling them to "get over themselves".....lmao you fascinate me. #4.1.4
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Then call it your favorite game ever theres a difference bettween favorite game and best game....My FAVORITE game ever is Persona 3 Fes, would I say its the BEST game ever? no #3.1.1
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lmao kalkano i see on you gamefaqs and n4g spouting the same nonsense every day and you still think more people want it turned based? As it stands right now its pretty much dead even give or take, and the fact that its even debatable should be scary for the people that want to keep the game turn based.

Square has all the support they need to make it a successful APRG game whether you want to believe it or not. Alot of fans will embrace and enjoy the change. #2.2.2
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He never said he wanted an ARPG though.....

See how easily an immature response makes you look silly? #4.1.1
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Calling FF7 the greatest game of all time is the moment i realized you still had your nostalgia goggles on, Its still debatable if its the best game in the series let alone if its the best game (regardless the genre) ever. The FF7re will be fine just judge it off its own merits and not the merit of how well it holds up to your nostalgia. #3
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I totally agree with you when it comes to healthy debates. Honestly while this battle system argument split the FF7 fanbase in two, One thing both sides can agree on is that Final fantasy 7 is one of the greatest rpgs ever made and regardless what battle system comes back Im happy we are talking about it again. We all as fans should support the game regardless if our personal preference is met because at the end of the day if we want another shot at remakes to other games we hold dear or genr... #3.1.5
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My first playthrough of FF7 was done by me and my cousin who use to live with me at the time He was about 8 years older than me. Since then I probably played through FF7 a total of 30 times and restarted before I finished the first disk nearly 100.

Backstory aside, Final fantasy, especially the FF7 characters are recognized by more people than just the fans of the original game you have to realize that. From there appearances in kingdom hearts to the advent children movie It... #3.1.3
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"Sorry but if your under the age 25 you shouldn't even have an opinion on this"- Wow the classic My opinion>Yours comment.

Im 23 and I have played and beat FF7 every year atleast once a year since it came out. I still have the black label copy and if I open my orginal Playstation disk tray Im pretty sure one of the 3 final fantasy disk are still in there. Does that make my opinion any more valid then someone that has only play the FF7 demo? NO

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Not necessary....Well yea the immediate knee jerk reaction to an ARPG Final fantasy 7 game will be pretty bad. People condemning the game left and right, but if there plan is to rebuild the final fantasy fanbase as a whole they really have no choice. My prediction is that there using Final fantasy 7 as a brand more than a game to bridge the old final fantasy fans with other square franchises as Kingdom hearts fans ( remember some people only know Cloud from Kingdo... #9.1.3
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Stick of truth actually is a good example. But the combats not what sold the game for most people, i believe they even made a joke about the combat system in the game. My point is that u can have a turn based game and itll do well but its usually always in spite of the fact that its turn Based. #2.1.1
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No need for the name calling once you start doing that you start losing peoples respect for you and your argument.

Final fantasy 15 is getting alot support everywhere i seen from youtube 2 random forums noone is calling it meh. MAYBE in your circle its getting that kind of reactions but in the grand scheme of things people have be looking forward to XV since it was called verus XIII and love what they have seen so far. Only complaint i really here ab... #1.4
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You are 100% right. A Big reason why i want FF7 an ARPG is that i really just want the game to be judged on its own merits. The remake will never be the original why not take it in a different direction and possibly make it better? It worked for the batman movies why cant it work for FF7? #7.1
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