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Calling people hicks and uneducated is exactly why people voted for Trump.

When are liberals going to learn that calling people names and being pretentious is the exact way to get people to vote opposite of you guys.

You guys manage to make the billionaire blonde haired white man an underdog and relatable . Congratulations.

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Trust me SJWs are trying to emasculate ALL males, they just start with white ones because they pose the biggest threats since most are Republican.

Next they will tackle"aggressive " Black men, once the race card isn't as attractive anymore.

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Pretty hot one too, she's blonde with blue eyes just like how Donald and I like em.

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Make as many LGBT articles as you want for the next 2 months, thats all the time you guys got left.

Make good use of your time and ill see you again in another 4 years.

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Its gonna take a couple months of straight liberal bashing, and a Trump administration before journalists get the message.

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Lol, unlike you guys I understand that if I don't like something I just wont buy it, not protest and cry until it changes.

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People like you are about 60% of the reason I voted for Trump.

When are you going to realize that just quieting your harasser doesn't actually change how he/she feels about you?

At some point you got to learn how to defend yourself whether it be physically or in a conversation.

Btw: why do you guys always compare youself to children? would I want my child insulting people randomly? No. But I also would like my child to understand th...

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Lol I wonder how much of that "relevant narrative" is the regressive liberal agenda?

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Words never physically hurt anybody.

Plus its apart of the gaming culture deal with it.

Women are welcome to call those guys virgin losers if they want.

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Great quote but that doesn't really describe your games at all Kojima. That'll more so describe Rockstar's and Bethesda's games honestly.

I love his games though.

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What part of "i couldn't care less" don't you understand?

I have a PC, petty console debates about graphics mean absolutely nothing to me.

I just want Final Fantasy XV already.

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I just want the game to be out already, i couldn't care less.

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Maxing it out just means they hit the ceiling at which their vision for the game can be accomplished on the hardware in question.

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They could have asked some better questions...

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I wipe my ass with 1gb....

Thats just enough to put a "turn shouts into farts" mod in I

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The game wasn't designed for it.

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Lol don't be a noob and get rekt by Bastion and Torbjorn. Both those characters are not even that good when they have to go up against a good team.

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It's definitely a breath of fresh air for the FPS genre. Its not as revolutionary or influential as LoL or WoW, but it has a charm that is undeniable and has all the right pieces to be something special.

I am rooting for Overwatch.

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Hopefully, really rooting for this one.

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I loved everything about Overwatch from it's characters to it's art design to its undeniable charm. The most fun i had with a shooter since MW2. Overwtach will be a big hit for casual players and Esports when it drops.

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