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Metal Gear Solid Brack Friday Bunduru? #1.13
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Sean, they tried that with black ops 1 and cod every1 is bunched up in a tight small place, so in order for them to make sniper a viable option in cod, you need to be able to pull up ur scope as fast as possible. Quickscoping is not as easy as it looks in montages you see on YouTube, it's not cheap, it's not unfair, it's not abusing the game, its not for people who suck at cod, and most of all it's not realistic, but who cares, Its fun and most of all it's doe... #1.2
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How is quickscoping not fair? I understand it's not realistic but unfair your pushing ops2 disabled aim assist for snipers and made it so snipers can't get QuickDraw on there snipers so they can't shoot any quicker....people that quickscope have LOW k/d not because they suck it's because it's hard as hell to do if sum1 is shooting a lmg at you with a a thermal sight threw smoke every 5 secs lmao. If you dislike something that's ok but don't belittle a... #3.1
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By any chance did you play gtaIV or do you remember any of the past gtas correctly? by your logic RDR is more like gtaIV than any of the rest if your judging the game by the characters and the "dark comedy". if anything RDR was the most serious sandbox game rockstar made BY far, No gta from the past generation or even gtaIV took itself as serious as RDR #4.1
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You do know that watch dogs is a different game than sleeping dogs right? Lol knowledge is power time be careful who you call ignorant, because if your wrong it makes you look like an ass and a douche at the same time. #19.3.1
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Honestly theres ALOT to whine and complain about when it comes call of duty but it not being realistic is not one of them lmao. I mean seriously, this article could have been written for any of the past call of duty multiplayer reveal trailers so why start now? #1
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I know for a FACT that Jayz don't give a damn about want team is and isn't in this game LOL...and I honestly don't think using Jayz as a marketing ploy is going to help them sell any more copies of 2k13, to me getting Jayz was a real strange move by 2k #3
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Crash and Cloud needs to be there.....if there not it's not a game worth buying IMHO #5
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What I want to know is why is EVERY uncharted 3 bad guy bald????? Like seriously how many bald guys are there really in London and France? #2
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heyy blackbible
i use to play uncharted with you,u where pretty good, how have you been man #7.2
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lol im glad you didn't buy cod bo, and reload cancel is hardly an exploit....all it does is allow to reload .5 seconds faster than usual...and it pretty much only used if you getting shot at in the middle of your reload. soo by your definition a skilled player would allow himself to get killed in an ambush while hes reloading rather than double tapping triangle then quickly reseting his fingers on the trigger buttons in a small chance that he might come out alive? i really dont see the s... #1.4.3
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lol obivous call of duty noob
its called reload cancel, its a technique use by elite players ( or atleast halfway decent players) to half there reload time so they could get back into the action faster....not a glitch its a technique.... you can double tap triangle or (y if your on the 360) or knife (which i dont recomend) also to get the same effect.....God do i hate the noobs that populate this game that thinks everything is cheating or glitching if someone kills them in a different way than there use to....hence why th... #1.4
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lol and i will say again
look at this vid #1.7
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if you wanna see bad spawns
just watch #1.4
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black ops tech issues
black ops on its best map nuketown...... #1.5
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was a great game and so was Jimmy Hopkins as a character, you couldn't help but like the guy and his scarastic manner towards everything. #17
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lol im fully aware of the so called aim assist your talking about. and your being completely unfair comparing the aim assist in single player to the aim assist in Multiplayer.In multiplayer it does gravitate to a close player but it does not lock on as it does in single player. and aim assist can be completely understandable once you factor lagg and the fact that console gamers do not have have the tools pc gamers have to utilize to get precision shots like you guys (aka a mouse).
... #27.1.3
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in all honesty, i probably shouldn't have replied to your post, everything i said wasn't entirely directed at you, but i will say this: Dont make false assumtions to something you never tried like soo much people on this website do. its not fair to say something takes no skill when it takes players that Qs a hell of a long time to get extremely good at it. Basically without me writing a novel, dont speak about something you know nothing about, because believe it or not other people re... #27.2
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Your either insanely retarded or you havn't tried to quick scope yourself
Quick scoping by no means gives snipers some sort of advantage over someone using regular guns. Quick scoping is just a tool used by players that enjoy getting cool killcams instead of playing competitively in a public match.

What treyarch fails to realize is that its the Quick Scope community that supports CoD games the most, it the Quick Scoping community that plays Cod games till its next one comes out.Honestly before i discovered quick scoping my k/d was about 3.10 and... #27.1
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