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The game wasn't designed for it.

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Lol don't be a noob and get rekt by Bastion and Torbjorn. Both those characters are not even that good when they have to go up against a good team.

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It's definitely a breath of fresh air for the FPS genre. Its not as revolutionary or influential as LoL or WoW, but it has a charm that is undeniable and has all the right pieces to be something special.

I am rooting for Overwatch.

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Hopefully, really rooting for this one.

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I loved everything about Overwatch from it's characters to it's art design to its undeniable charm. The most fun i had with a shooter since MW2. Overwtach will be a big hit for casual players and Esports when it drops.

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Overwtach is waaaaay better than Doom's MP

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I mostly play single player games, but Overwatch is amazing just as a MP game. I mean noone is complaining that FFXV or Persona 5 isn't going to have multiplayer why should people complain about not having single player in Overwtach?

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I'm more confused as to who uses pornhub for source filmmaker stuff? There are atleast 10 better websites I can think of thats infinitely better.

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FF7R is not going to be turn based what so ever.

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IX is the best FF game.

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Fine by me.

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I love Dark Souls but I never understood why they get the scores they do. Its the biggest mystery in gaming for me.

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lol just link him this video every time you see him speaking nonsense

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You don't know how to play it yet.

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Only the movie has product placement in it not the are terribly misinformed.

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I really wish the game allowed you to die at the boss just to show you people how terrible you are at the game if you really just held circle to win.

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I got your point, it was just muddle by your crude explanation of your reasoning behind said point.

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It honestly depends on the reason why you never played Final Fantasy before.

If it was because of the battle system: Then yes its worth giving it a chance since its going for a more "streamlined" battle system.

If it was because of the story's and characters: No, I'm expecting this to be more of the same in all honesty, regardless of the "reality" tag they like throwing around for this game.

If it was because you j...

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All black =/= Goth.

Its annoying assumption at best and disgusting ignorance at it's worst.

You could have also assumed young Yakuza members (consider Yakuza members also wear all black) but you choose to compare it to a fad that died around the same time this game was originally announced (aka a long time ago).

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I'm canceling my joke.

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