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@skarlett: Touche' sir, the time you dedicate to forward your love for Sony and despise for Xbox is amazing.

Just think when you're old and gray you can tell your kids about the console wars...ooohhhh, how fun!

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I totally forgot about south park...must have been delayed again.

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It's the TRUEgamereview...so your argument is false.

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"lack of music"

Lol, I thought that was a glitch.

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I am glad they didnt include any bosses from GoW:A. I love the series, but that was a disappointment.

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Agree or make a new protagonist. In GOW3 you felt like you were working towards something. You really understood and felt angry towards zeus and it was a good culmination to a series. I dont get this feeling with ascension. Its nice to see another story, but nothing really pulls me in. It's not a bad game but not a great one.

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That is like asking if a turd tastes better boiled or fried.

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why did this get approved? you needed 3 different links for one topic?

Why not "Neoseeker's game of the year nominees!"

more like "hit"seeker

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lol. I closed it as soon as I had to click "next" for each person on the list. Why do these articles get approved? "Top 10 derppa derppity derp derp of video games!"

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'you swing. I block. you block. I swing." looked boring to me. I will still buy for the single player campaign, which hopefully stays in line with previous titles.

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@mt: The french and various northeast tribes banned together to fight the colonies in the french-american war. Many indians after that war banned together with the colonies to then fight the british while the british also had indians helping them fight the colonials.

You are out of your element my friend.


you need to brush up on your history. seriously.

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they took the trade centers out of the movie for respect to those people lost in that act of terrorism. The themes of this game and your comment have no direct correlation.

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you'll need to chill out...it's a video game.

@chad: what?

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why should native americans be upset? If anything this game is reflecting the torment and pain caused by the colonization of America.

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rename title, "If you have read anything about Darksiders 2, this article will be a waste of time".

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i couldn't make it past 4 mins listening to those guys...less is more....

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I love the God of war series as much as the next fan, but how in the love of god did this get approved as news. You could make the same article for any X,Y,Z sequel.

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