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Trying to have a dig me thinks.
Come up with something better!

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I have to add on here that this game was demanded by the fans of the series who are longing for a bit of new metal gear and also it started as a £20 downloadable title but people demanded more again with wanting hard copies ect. I will be buying this for my ps4 for £30 as intended and that aint that bad at the min

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OLED was alot better during the gameplay, dont you think?

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I think wii u was a good idea but in practice you cant look at two screens.
You thought they would recognise that in testing though. They need to get back to thier roots instead of haging onto thier past build a future, invation in games rather than harware.

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He would lie for a big story surprise!!!!

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That seems plausable to me. So kiefer is grey fox? Its defo his voice as the bandaged man.

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Also the trailer where you are crawling following the man with a bandaged face. The man with the bandaged face has kiefer voice watch it if you dont believe me!

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I think its quite obvious there is going to be 2 solid snakes in the next game!!!"
1 x hayter / 1 x kiefer
Dont know wether they will be twins or clones but it would explain all the info trailer screen shots. Also it would explain why big boss was killed in the original and alive the end of 4!!

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Not a motion controller fan!
Last this I want to do when I finish work is jump round the living room

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Release suspend mode update ASAP!

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You wont regret it :D

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Back to basics, one location lots of puzzles! It will be a winner.

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Sold my copy, not impressed with the game!

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I love my PS4 =D

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Wii U will lose the console war

Can I have some cash for that prediction lol

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Lets face it reliabilty was never microsofts strong point!

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You can while you watch a DVD you sure your looking in the right place? Hold ps button, devices and it should be there!

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This game looks like it will be a hum dinger =D

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Good news

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