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"My humble thanks for all the support (and all the fish)"


i agree. I think this is going to be very beneficial for both parties, but that one in particular. #1.1
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Oh sweet. Haven't found myself a comfortable mobile device to play these games on, but more classics are always a good thing. Well, officially. #1
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Looking pretty trippy! #1
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It's not about racking up games, it's about enjoying those you get. #1.1.2
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Haha, "casual" - That must've been quite a dose of reality after the first few nights. #3.1
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That first hump where you're just scavenging for food is so brutal to get over. I'd be happy with even a fraction of that camp. #1.1
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So uhm, hi? I'm the author of that. I seem to have noticed this at the right time. In case you'd like to know: Even though I'm not required to, I sent this piece to another person for additional edit, beyond my process (new eyes and loving the sound of your own voice and all that). Then, it went to a third person before publication. I'm not sure what revision standards you'd like, but those are a few passes already. I'd wager anywhere above from a dozen.
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There's one for the Humble site itself as well, but dayum, that Gaf thread looks pretty damn amazing. I'd be interested to see what comes of it, cheers! #1.1
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I don't think Valve really will have a CHOICE in this case, given all the things in the article (and the above video, for instance). If they don't, they're opening themselves up for not just one, but several lawsuits. It only takes one aggressive company seeing their "in" to get some of that Valve billion money for more to come down once the ball starts rolling.

Bethesda starts fights over Mojang's "Scrolls" using a generic word for a name... #2.1
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That might be a little harsh. I don't think it's a "foreigner" issue, per se. Companies like 1C Company, for instance, have shown a strong support from the Eastern European side of game development and they put out some quality releases; not all of them, but enough to qualify as a decent studio imo. Regardless, even if it was true, Valve is American and should care greatly about any copyright infringement they allow, because it also falls back on them for selling it on their... #1.1
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Big props for pronouncing the game name without a million tongue ties. #1
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No worries, it's still totally worth its money. I bought it a while ago for that price. If you didn't pick up the DLC yet though, that'd be a good plan still. #2.1
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As much as I'm up for the semantics of your valid point, the franchise does fall under the "fast food" category, much like places like Pizza Hut and such that don't necessarily need to also offer takeaway: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Fun fact: It was created by Atari's Nolan Bushnell.

That kid thing though; it's totally weird from an outsider standp... #1.1
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Now that Mario's mustache rustles in the wind, having such a strong, dashing nose tickler just won't do anymore. #1.1
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Actually, that's only in Japan. It also states on the Wiki page that the US received it in 1987. If you follow through on that link, you can see it states May 1987. #1.1
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Should definitely hear a word from Sony, as it's getting pretty close to launch. #2.1
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It's always better when a developer chooses to be open about their projects. Though openness is often misjudged as being a dick, if think the developer manages it well here. #1.1
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I think that's one of the problems of it. It pretty much just sold a few thousand copies. #1.1
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PES on PSP was also surprisingly great for its format. Same can be said for the FIFA releases on 3DS. Not too sure that Konami is supporting the Wii U soon though, as they had some off comments on it in the past. #8.1
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It absolutely isn't. I've been on multiple forums where they warn against it. Here's a recent story: https://www.paypal-communit... #1.1
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