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They are part of the Youtube channel "Prank vs Prank." Yup.

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"similar =/= "same"

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That, at the very least, on the lowest possible tier, Nintendo can drive that. "Hey guys, pay this crap for us, we'll get that money there, kthxbye." In a similar way to how EVO drives charity donations for a fan vote-in:

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I mean, Microsoft has that too, with its $1 mil Halo tournament. Gears was $300K.

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Most to all games still get physical releases on PC. It's just that no sane person still buys them.

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That's because they were trolling.

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Fez 3 is still going though.

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A slight no. The knockoff only has one, sloppily done, mode. Whereas the Switch will have you jerking a cow, among a bunch of others.

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I personally voted for Pokémon Uranium, since I thought they added more with custom assets and so on, but at least SOMEONE should've won.

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Literal Heroes of the Storm statistic game data. Maps on the bottom. All around 20 minutes:

EDIT: You're getting super angry about statistical data. It's data; there's no other interpretation, that's why I didn't need to add any opinion to my comment.

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Haha, well that certainly helped. Good point.

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I convinced my tattoo artist to look it up for the trippy art style alone. It's certainly going to be special.

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Possibly, though I think they'll first try to make lightning strike twice. Additionally, the developer, Destructive Creations, is already made up of several people who previously worked on The Witcher and such, as a lot of studios in Poland and that area have emerged from Projekt CD Red and the likes. Not saying it's not possible they'll now go somewhere similar though, like The Farm 51 or People Can Fly.

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And I do believe that PS4 and PC players can play together, so yay!

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That's just always going to happen. I also have known smaller (mid-size) publication who use their community for free games, in a rather similar way: Ask every single company for giveaways, then either let the same staff members "win" each time or just hide it and collect the better goods themselves and only give away the scraps.

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Bootleg Pokemon! Gotta love it.

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Sure, dude, go play the hell out of it; you're welcome. There's a link to a prior article, by the way, for that whole "not liking" part. Someone hit disagree on you for raising a point, so I'll hit agree, even if I'm not 100% on board with the post.

To answer the "how" question, in the hopes it is one. The answer is simple: Bias.

It's the same as, for instance, Patreon, where a financial contribution ahead of time is mo...

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OlliOlli is going to be a blast on 3DS. Can't wait for the second either.

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True, it's not necessary, but I think they managed to handle it within the bounds of the acceptable. I read it more like they wanted to reassure Nintendo fans that they know what they're doing, so they don't need to draw conclusions from their competition. Ucraft comparisons would be made inevitably anyway.

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Agreed, I'd be surprised if Ground Zeroes DIDN'T get put up as a freebie to coincide with the launch of Phantom Pain. But if you can't wait that long, this is a good price to "test" where the new MGS is going. I think that's what many people did back when Zone of the Enders first came out.

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