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I thought shadowfall was fine... haters gonna hate...

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Nice try, EA.

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Nice try, polygon employee.

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why? I want EA to know what kind of F'ed up shit I'm into.

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No, there is no such thing as Destiny 2. The support through the next 10 years is through expansion packs. These were detailed int he legal papers that were leaked because of the Zampella court case with Activision. This Destiny, will be live for 10 years, in their podcasts they constantly quote the fact that they are upset that their old games such as Halo2 is no longer available, and they want this to never fall into that scenario.

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Sorry, I let one go :(

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If you bought an xbox one because you wanted one, that's great for you. But if you bought an xbox just for the sole reason of playing titanfall, you wasted your money. This game runs very well on even the weakest PC's. My PC is 50 bucks cheaper than what an xbox one would cost and I'm running Titanfall at better settings than the xbone version.

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Naughty Dog can do w.e. the hell they want. I'll buy it. Their track record has been phenomenal. With that being said, I'll take Jak 4 anytime :D

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If you don't care about resolution... you could have just have easily played on your 360 :/

No need for Xbone.

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Well I'm simply saying that with the graphics they had for the vita version... they probably could have ported arkham origins to the vita... Those graphics were terrible and it was obviously because of the fact that it was ported from the 3ds.

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So... I'm just wondering... Why couldn't they upscale the graphics on the Vita then? Because the vita version looked like a 3DS game...

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Three of the games you mentioned are third party developed games. Microsoft is just publishing, not developing.

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lol titanfall is not a microsoft developed game. it's a third party. And Quantum break is just a safe bet in the television/game genre that microsoft seems to be pushing so much towards.

Back on topic, I'm calling this now: MS will alternate each year for Halo and gears of war titles. Halo one year, gears the next. It will be a bi-annual release. They're going to milk them to hell.

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In addition to what @jimbobwahey said, Ryan is extremely arrogant and uneducated about the area he covers. In one of the Gamescoops a couple of weeks ago he still was talking about how Halo 4 is such an amazing multiplayer game, and how the commnunity loves it so much.... funny, because halo 4 gets less than 10,000 unique users per day. That is the fastest a halo game has dropped this low. Halo Reach got to 10,000 per day about 2.5 years after release, while halo 3 was getting 100,000 per day...

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Gears 3 > GowJ. I get that you're trying to say they should give us newer stuff, but just about anyone will tell you the same thing about GowJ. It was terrible.

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@trollout my phone that is constantly in my lap can do all those things. Why does my console need to do it also?

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halo player since 2001, and I thought the MP in halo 4 was terrible. I liked the campaign, but I thought 343 didn't do so well in the other portions of the game.

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That's a high claim, specially considering Halo 4 was the worst of the series. 343 has a lot to prove.

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To be fair GTAV outsold the music industry by itself... So in terms of sales, GTA was the top dog in the gaming industry. But in terms of quality, I'd take LoU anyday. Fantastic game.

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No actually, Braid had a really neat story. But you don't really understand the story until you beat the game. One of my favorite games for sure.

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