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From the article - "Of course the breach isn’t Sony’s fault per se, and although there have been reports of embarrassingly poor security, those who are placing the blame solely on those in charge of running the PlayStation Network are probably taking it a step too far."

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Cracking idea for my money.

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The Endless Forest, by Tale of Tales, who went on to make The Path.

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So can Planescape: Torment, released a year prior to Deus Ex.

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I don't think it sounds as clear-cut as that from their answers, to be honest. There seems to be a divide even between the devs over what their aim actually is.

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I think it's unlikely to have too much of an effect on sales, to be honest. The name comes above the glitches.

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Really interesting to see how all this is playing out.

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Presumably Sony will have agreed on an exclusive with Jeux Video. This is quite a common occurrence. It's nothing to be suspicious of.

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That website and forum look very obviously like a hoax. For one, the "developers" forum is filled with nothing but porn spam.

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It isn't fake, it's just not a "game" - instead, seems like it was tech to develop ideas and show off Kinect.

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It isn't an article about sex in games. It's an article about the presentation of sexuality - i.e. heterosexuality/homosexuality/ bisexuality. I haven't seen many of those.

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Did you read the article? The doctor doesn't provide information from his study. There isn't a study. He provides vague information on why he thinks videogames are bad for kids' eyes, which is fine, but doesn't consider the whole heap of other things which would likely have the same effect.

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Hang on. You wrote a review based on WATCHING A GROUP OF PEOPLE play the campaign, just so you could beat the big boys to a review? Bless.

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Who made it out to be an Uncharted rip-off? The review compares its globetrotting nature to a family-friendly Uncharted 2, not that the games are similar!

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This is an absolutely fantastic article, and Brendan Caldwell is one of the hugely exciting emerging names in games journalism. Loving it.

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Did you read the rest of the list or just the top ten? There are games in there dating back to the mid '80s.

EDIT: For that matter, four out of the top ten are more than 10 years old!

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Not to mention that it was confirmed Levine was working on "an original project which could become a new franchise" as early as April this year.

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Um. I had nothing to do with this review.

But in answer to your questions: Not really, too bloody long, and yeah, to be fair.

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I'm sure there are some people who delight in playing the same section of the same level over and over again for several hours on end. I wish those people the very best in life.

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