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Hard to put my finger on it, since they're technically not doing anything wrong, but I have to say that something about the whole situation leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth regarding PA.

I guess it's that I can't help but feel like they're milking their own popularity.

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Good to see this one getting a lot of great reviews -- I'll definitely have to give it a look.

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I liked a lot of the features, but there was too much of a focus on people jizzing themselves over visuals, without actually showing off much that was NEW.

I care more about the prospects of the functionality, streamlining things so I'm not sitting waiting for downloads or installations, video uploading/sharing, all of that. I was disappointed at how there wasn't actually a lot of concrete game footage shown from anything new that I care about, but that's probably...

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I'm half expecting some kind of crossover with Last of Us' multiplayer.

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I've been unable to sign in all day, yet I was on yesterday.
My roommates? TWO of them are logged in, on the same internet connection, both playing Mass Effect 3 online right now, while I can't even sign into PSN.

Freakin' weird, man. Disappointing if I'm gonna be stuck offline all night, too, while I get taunted by roommates who are oddly able to log in while I'm not. =P

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Wait, so, why do people act like this is a game console?
Couldn't it just be a computer?

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Took long enough for stuff to start releasing.

It's been such a slow summer. Now I have Walking dead ep 3, 3 Ratchet and Clank games, the Journey Collection

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Took long enough for stuff to start releasing.

It's been such a slow summer. Now I have Walking dead ep 3, 3 Ratchet and Clank games, the Journey Collection

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It's simple.

Zombies are us. Zombies are humans that are dead; therefore, the same style of violence as one would utilize against humans but without the moral ambiguity.

On another note, they don't require much creativity to design or work a scenario around. They're just dead people -- design, done. They mindless eat other people -- motivation, done. They turn who they eat into them -- explanation for masses of them, done.

Not to ...

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Sounds like nothing particular exciting to show, but God damn, this was amusing to read. I could stand more liveblogs formatted like this. Get someone underslept and/or drunk and just tell them to have at it.

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I kicked the project and bought one, myself.
Even if it turns out to be more of an amusing distraction than a full console I will use on a regular basis, it's hard to argue with only $100 for a potentially new console experience -- new not in the sense of control or graphics but in taking what I love about PC gaming and its openness and applying it to a console format.

It's obviously early to judge, but I'm at least curious to see if this thing makes waves...

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I'd love more new IPs, but with the way console gaming goes, I think the Ouya has EASILY the best shot at excelling in this realm, if only because it's aimed specifically at that sort of thing.

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Problem is that the gaming community still wants to look at E3 like the video game superbowl (which it totally isn't anymore, sorry). There's too many events during the year and the internet makes big surprises nigh impossible to keep a secret.

But if interviews and videos are what you're after, and, I dunno, GAMES, then E3 is still a very fun event, and I've been soaking it in with interest.

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Glad the Vita's real big first exclusive is finally here (almost?). Looks fantastic.

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I'll have to consider giving this one a look after it comes out.

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No, I can feel you on that one. And I'm a big Smash fan but Sony's take hasn't won me over yet. Although I guess I can't say this has, either. I liked a lot of Modnation's Ideas, but I like LBP's aesthetic more, and sadly I found LBP's actual platforming to be quite lacking in finesse.

If they can make a solid kart racer with the same aesthetic and customizeability as the original LBP games, I might be interested.

Gotta admit, thou...

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Very interested in this. People really need to realize that you NEED a gun, or a gun that fires BULLETS, to make the FPS genre fun.

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Well, if it's any GOOD, a multiplayer component being added could wipe away a bit of my dissent for ANOTHER GoW prequel being made (seriously, there's more prequels than sequels now, this is some Star Wars madness).

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I've said it elsewhere, I'll say it again. I am a huge fan of SSB, so I'm sure I will enjoy this game as a result, BUT I am severely disappointed with how BLUNTLY it is cloning SSB. It's not just in the concept, that is fine and awesome, it is in the actual gameplay formula, even down to stealing MOVES of characters.

It's a little too blunt but if the game works well, shows enough spark, and - oh, right, its online actually WORKS - it could serve as a suit...

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As a big SSB fan, I am both interested and...disappointed.
It is LITERALLY a Super Smash Bros. knockoff. Like, it's not even a different game, it is actually the same exact gameplay formula and style, from what I can tell. Seems like a missed opportunity.

I'm still totally interested, as a fan of fighters as a big fan of SSB in particular, but not as hype as I expected given that it looks like an SSB clone instead of its own thing.

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