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Got to be the ps2 bought ever magazine before it came out, read everything I could get my hands on, i don't think I've ever been so happy to buy a console!

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@magiciandude I'd disagree with your perception of the console users, the view that console gamers are generally kids with parents who like to burn their cash is simply not true. i'm 30 and i do most of my gaming on my PS4, as do my friends and a lot of our extended networks of people we met in clans and such when we were much younger.

Back in the 90's and early 2000's the internet connection of the average home was not even close to good enough to make DLC a ...

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I agree, this article seems out of context now, With dragon age just launching, to a seemly stable and bug free engine in use, i can't see what this article is trying to get at thats relevent

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Honestly the single scariest thing i've ever had the displeasure of playing, i had to go outside and calm down a little between sittings.

Makes Outlast look like childs play

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"had to lie" well i wouldn't have phrased it that way!

i swear some people have this hollywood-esque view of a Sony meet

"Sir, Watch_dogs may only run at 30fps"

"My god we're doomed"

"I have a plan sir, Lets tell people it runs at 60fps"

"They'll never belive us, those evil Microsoft fools will destroy us"

"They won't know...

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by the looks of it the assets were just ripped out of Bioshock and put into UE4 to get the enhanced effects

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Best way to deal with this is, click on the link under the read full story link rate WTF? and NO.

The artical is submitted by the author (which is fine) but the story is nothing but a glorified troll for hits. clicks make cash so make sure if you don't like the artical or the website to vote and it can be banned.

Edit: a look at the authors post history on this site paints a very similar picture as well, a lot of trolling and about as much fanboyism as t...

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I agree with what you're saying pal, i think you just didn't explain it properly.

The game really does look like it could be a 4 player co-op game from the initial trailer and i was kind of expecting that.

I am happy non the less though this game looks stunning, need to see a little more gameplay to get a real feel of how it's going to play but hey i'm a sucker for graphics porn!

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A lot of people use windows down to the fact they want to play games and the microsoft monopoly of the OS market in the early days of the PC movement made it so people only developed for that system due to the fact Nvidia and AMD were only really consistently supporting 98, XP and so on.

In all honesty the reason i despise Microsoft is due to the fact windows has been a mess since XP support dried up and i'm pretty much forced to use it.

Just because you ...

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As i've retired my PS3 i'll be picking it up on PC but if a delay means a better job overall than they did on the first game i'm happy to wait

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never claimed to be anybody

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you do realise its a the 360 sales it beat, right?

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Played in quite a few e-Sports leagues in europe over the years on CS & CS:S and i'm in my 30's, so put the ignorance away child.

Even when i was playing competetively i couldn't give a flying fuck if someone leaves a clan, it ain't news and this ain't the place for it to be

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Why is this news?!

I have no idea who this is....

... wha?

is it that slow a day in the gaming press we had to know about this

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Rebels without a cause, so they just rebel for the sake of it and well probably a lack of human interaction

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Neither purchase is a risk at all, games will come for both systems with something significant that will make it stand apart from it's competition.

To say Xbone won't shine in it's way is mindless and quite frankly pathetic.

The PS4 will have it's quality and anyone saying other wise is deluded

I'm with you, we need to learn to respect each others choices but it's not going to happen. For some reason the internet decen...

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I've always been under the impression that a country mile and a standard mile are the same, it's just due to the terrain it takes longer to travel such as winding roads, hills and such.

Might be an English term, heard it a lot as a kid but it tends to be used in reference to been a much greater distance

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Ugh well it seems like we're getting shafted again with digital prices in the UK, was hoping it would be more competitive with the high street this gen but this is a joke.

£63 for EA games is extortion they should be ashamed of themselves, as much as i defend EA from some of the flak they get this is unexcusable

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Well if anyone in the UK near chesterfield wants one Tesco have them in stock, shop smart and im sure you can pick one up in quite a few places same with the PS4 i'm sure

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It's either my office chair or i'm a cripple after 10 mins, i feel your pain

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