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Hi Dogdirt2000, my website is http://d3gamestudio.com/ a little of lack of update but still having some works :D
cheers! #31.1.1
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check this behind screens of uncharted 3, 45k character in cinematic mode :)

http://area.autodesk.com/in... #33
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WAIT WAIT.. the 3d modeller/sculptor works in a highrez models. some of my models surpass 7millions of poligons, but it´s is for extract displacement maps and normal maps!! a million model can´t be used evem in a Film production, don´t want to see a million polys model in a game!

http://vimeo.com/25328044 some of my models.. #31
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NO ONES noticed the GOHST image in the PS3? loock closer the hand and weapon!! why is gohst image in the ps3 pictures? is taken in 3d mode? #44
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David who?
who are this guy??? just a voice actor! no coments! #36
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Rule nº1 put down the saturation it´s will more realistic!

nº2 make dirt texture looks more realist and less tiled

nº3 set a color grading to create a more realistic ambient!

Nº4 don´t care about gamers hes don´t know nothing about cgi and 3d!

well i really like the new look of the games! less saturation is better to see and to play long hours! look like cgi movies.

but the most important, more... #22
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Microsoft allways delivery us a big peace of $hit!! look all versions of the windows.. allways the same $hit! bugs and bugs.. what you specty from this company? more bugs! #28.2
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Ok i have a company he´s name is micro[$hit]!! i will sell you a bottle of [$hit]. ok!! after a time your bottle of [$hit] broken and becomes to smell very strong... ok i will re-send you a new bottle of [$hit]! after another time your new bottle of [$hit] broken again and becomes to smell strong again... i send you a new bottle of [$hit].. but.. [$hit] smell like [$hit] dude!!
--------------------- cute here to have 2 monitors ---------------------
thanks Micro[$hit] compan... #28
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