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I would compare this more to Netflix. They have raised the price a couple of times now. That's how things work, the bigger you get the more it cost to sustain. Sure it sucks it cost more, but is it really enough to complain about? If your budget is that tight you might want to rethink your priorities.

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I thought the same thing, how is this news?

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I was with him at first, but dude hasent shut up about it since it happened. Get over yourself

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The real answer is every time. Every single game that comes out now has some kind of DLC, a lot of times even day one. It might just be a skin or a extra weapon or whatever, but that doesn't matter. We used to call those unlockables, It was a reward for playing the game. Now you just buy them or you wont get them at in some cases.

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Yes, but he has to do as Ango Gobloggian

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I pre-order and will always pre-order for one simple reason, Its convenient. I know I want the game when it comes out, I'm here now and I have the money now. When the game comes out I don't have to worry about it. I started moving everything over to digital witch is even better. The game installs the night before and I can start playing at Midnight.

If you know you are buying the game day one, I don't see how pre-order/pre-load is a bad thing at all.

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I just don't understand how this can be seen as a good thing in anyway. Its like if I shot someone and said "They should have worn a vest and they would have been fine. I was doing it FOR them, to show them they had low security." There was no reason for this attack, So stupid...

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I think still a long way out there. A couple a big issues they need to work around. HDD Space and Bandwith.

I have Hundreds of games, they wont all fit on my HDD and I don't want to have to download them every time I want to play. Its fine for the people out there who only buy 4-5 games a year, but for those of us who buy 4-5 a month. That space is going to get used up fast.

And with the Streaming option sure that could work, if you have the network to a...

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I'm sure that they didn't show the actual console because they havent finished the final design.

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I dont want to feed the flame, but I can see why people are attacking the reviews. There have been a lot of 9/10 and perfect scores out there and at the very best I would give this game a 8, but my fanboy Rage makes me bring that down to a 6 or 7.

The game is a decent hack and slash but its not the same as the old DMC

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I was pleasantly surprised when I played the demo, but it does not feel like Devil May Cry, it feels like a clone, and that was what I was worried about. Dont know why they couldnt have just made this a new IP and left DMC alone.

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I think it looks fine, fits the game design.

You can say that its 100X better than the movie costume at least

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You may own the Vita, but you dont own or have rights to the Firmware/OS, Sony does.

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How did I get 4 Disagrees, I was stating a fact.

I hate this site sometimes....

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My Gamestop only got 12 of the Deluxe before we were told to stop. It was a company wide deal not per store. As of yesterday we had around 50 of the basic and still going.

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I just want to point out that it does not matter if you are gay or straight, black, white, asian....whatever. You will at one point be verbally assaulted with the most racist and homophobic hate speak you will ever hear If you play games online.


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"Isn't that 'push' the influence?"

No, an Influence is something that makes you want to act in a certain way. The 'push' is just their excuse.

It was always going to happen be it playing a video game, watchin a movie, their dog died, stepped in gum...

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It has never happened, even if someone came out and said "I killed these people cuz I learned it from COD" It was still the persons F'ed mind that made them do it.

The game could have been the "push" but it was going to happen one way or another.

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Yes we need tougher gun laws, cuz we all know that criminals follow the law.

The dude was a nutjob, no law would have stopped him from doing what he did.

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I could see it, it would be perfect for your casuals. theres still a lot of people out there who only buy 3-4 games a year (sports, COD). but really 160 make more sense.

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