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This is sad, X-box user complainning/hating on a possible update in the future on another system. Why even get jealous about it, if these are features that are already enjoying X-box 360, then be happy about it.

Is it due to before you could say I could chat with users while in game? And now possibly Ps3 will get this functionality, and thus evening the advantage X-360 had?

I mean the other user who was saying this is sad, PS3 having so many updates? Sure it's...

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Look I don't know why people get worked up about certain things here...

There are Certain things X-box 360's aren't good at, just like there are things PS3 isn't good at. Running crazy calculations isn't an X-360 strong point, i'm sure it could do it, just not as well as PS3.

Just like one of the strengths of X-box is the ease of coding, and online intergradation, which PS3 is not up to par.

And you can go on and on, about various consoles str...

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I agree, however people are more attached to the character you play, so if the animation is off, whether it's facial, or something else, your not gonna be as immersed as you would been.

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Not really, When MGS 2 was released on PS2, it didn't have great sales either, it was MGS 2, coupled with GTA 3, and DMC series, that pushed the consoles sales.

This has little to do with PS3 being poor with sales, and more to do with delays due to this Kojami led project, and almost every game he's made, has had atleast 1 delay.

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about it being diffcult to program for but more to do with Kojima. If no one saw this coming (If the rumor is true) then you haven't followed the MGS series. Kojima is a perfectionist, and he won't release his creation till it's perfect, I wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed till 08 Fall....

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I think one of the smartest movies Bungie made was giving master chief a helmet and suit. It's much easier to render, work and make the game look high end having master chief in a helmet, and body suit, over giving him a human face, and having to work on the details of his face, plus animations of his face in certain insistence. Where as game for example Killzone 2, if the facial animation isn't realistic enough, it'll be open to criticism.

Smart move, and 1 less thing to worr...

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Agreed with above.

People are quick to skip over X-360, where was the power when it came out? What games looked amazing 6 months in? And what were you comparing them to? PS2 and X-box, then sure there's adifference, just like PS3 if your comparing to PS2 or X-box you'll see a difference as well.

That's the price you pay for being an early adopter, you put up with sub par games, paying higher prices (Console), and put up with more failure rates (X-box 360 ring of ...

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