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Sun-dial thing is very clever.

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This is Japanese - Artful type games, that Kojima is talking about.

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Who cares if copied or not, it's looks to be like a great game, and will get great reviews.

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Holy smokes money to be made on some old used/new games in japan.

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No, but strange how most sites gave this game an 8 or 9, ignoring the poor controls, and such.

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Wow a 4 out of 10, that's the lowest score i've seen for this game.

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I dunno, there are a few good titles, but i wouldn't say kicking ass.

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Looks to be a must own game for Wii Owners.

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They missed going to the press by 3 Days, 3 Days doesn't mean 1 week or so late. Hitting blu-ray production lines is a tight squeeze, it's not like missing such a deadline if you were DVD-9, there are way more production facilities.

It’s because of production capacity. Blu-ray production capacity is nowhere near as large as DVD production capacity. If you miss your production window by even just a couple of days then you need to wait for a new window to open up in th...

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I wonder what it "sales" be "great"

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Wow holy smokes...Every single big PS3 title that was announced for this fall/chistmas has seen a delay...Socom 4, LPB, GT5, am I missing anything?

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Looks decent 8 of 10, seems like it could have been great if they spent a bit more time.

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Tempting on any system.

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Well umm G55 doesn't release in October, so even if Fable 3 sells 1 copy, it'll sell more than GT5 does in October.

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Ummm GT 5 doesn't release in

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Sounds like your a fan of a more arcade type game...Where as GT5 is a sim racer...nothing wrong with that.

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Gt 5 will sell, that's not a question ,when it's all said and done, it'll sell more Fable 3, and Fable 2 a world wide stage.

The thing is gonna sell like hot cakes in europe...

Although it is disappointing (To them) that it only has roughly slightly over 200K pre order at this point...

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Wow What a jump for Fable 3, it may have a million sales in the first... GT5, decent bump...looking to have 500 000 opener in US.

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Agreed...Plus I don't think Captain america is as popular comic character as a Batman.

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Some locations have none, went in gamestop, and they had some in my area...but it's hit or miss.

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