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That'll be in their review! You can bank on that! ;)

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Those are some CRAZY prices!

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Doesn't mean idea and technology isn't shared with others though.

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Maybe it's a snide comment with regards to their EA Publishing deal? For this game?

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Finally an accurate score for the bugs/issues with the game.

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looks like Vanquish is getting some solid/good reviews.

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So the game had horrifc load time, game crashing bugs, yet it gets a 91?

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Horrific Load times, they must be playing with the PS3 version! ;) Kidding

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Not sure about, I'm thinking a game like GT5 will get extra scrutiny, if GT5 had game breaking bugs, and other things that are excusable, I doubt it'd get 8's, 9's and 10's...

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* Incredibly, inexcusably glitchy, how can a game get a good score with that kind of bugs, it's one of the things that turned me off on Fallout 3.

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How do Fallout title get such high scores, with some crazy buggy games...Like fallout 3, should have been atleast a point lower, with some of the near game breaking bugs it had, until it had released a patch.

Guarantee if Gt5, had these kind of bugs, it'd be getting lower scores, or God of War, etc.

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Not the first site to give it 5/10, Canadian Press gave it a 2/4...

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Or this game is gonna be bigger, badder, and more badass! ;)

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Yeah Crysis armor should be up there.

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Because of the awesome/simple game design turned him into a star.

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How's it a fire sale, amazon offers these kind of deals on all products...They doing it for Kinect? Are they fire selling that too?

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Wow lowest score I've seen yet.

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Oh man, I remember the running man, and moon walker/slide

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Looks like HipHopGamer making it big, showing up at the end of the clip.

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Told ya'll this game is gonna get good reviews.

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